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I have a TextBox. And I want to check if it's empty.

Which way is better

if(TextBox.Text.Length == 0)


if(TextBox.Text == '')


You should use String.IsNullOrEmpty() to make sure it is neither empty nor null (somehow):

if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(textBox1.Text))
    // Do something...

More examples here.

For practical purposes you might also consider using String.IsNullOrWhitespace() since a TextBox expecting whitespace as input probably negates any purpose, except in case of, say, letting the user pick a custom separator for stuff.

Check Whether a TextBox is empty or not, You should use String.IsNullOrEmpty() to make sure it is neither empty nor null ( somehow): if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(textBox1.Text)) { // Do� For now it has a nested If function that checks if all TextBoxes are not empty. If there are any empty.SetFocus on the 1st empty TextBox. Sub ValidateForm() If TextBox1.Text = Empty Then TextBox1.SetFocus Else If TextBox2.Text = Empty Then Imagine this with 34 nesting?

I think




are your best options.

how to check whether a text box is empty ?, Use this code. Hide Copy Code. if(!string.IsNullOrEmpty(tb.Text))// Note. Tb is an instance of a TextBox in your application { // Do something }. Note: In the code, UserForm1 is the name of the userform which contains the textboxes you will check. 3. Press the F5key to run the code. Then a Microsoft Exceldialog box pops up to tell you which textbox is empty and which is not empty as below screenshot shown.

Part-8 If textbox is empty give error message before saving, if text-box is empty give error message before saving, text box empty error, error Duration: 2:00 Posted: 6 Mar 2016 String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace () is a combination of String.IsNullOrEmpty () and String.Trim ().Length == 0. The String.Trim () [ ^] removes all leading and trailing white-space characters. Hide Copy Code. if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace (this.textBox1.Text)) { MessageBox.Show ("TextBox is empty"); }

Another way:

    if(textBox1.TextLength == 0)
       MessageBox.Show("The texbox is empty!");

how to check if textbox is empty in c# Code Example, Get code examples like "how to check if textbox is empty in c#" Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Checking Whether a textbox is empty? Ask Question Asked 8 years, Hey guys i'm trying to make a php script check whether or not the text boxes are empty, i am

Farhan answer is the best and I would like to add that if you need to fullfil both conditions adding the OR operator works, like this:

if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(text.Text) || string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(text.Text))

Note that there is a difference between using string and String

Checking if TextBox is empty?, There is a difference between an empty string (String.Empty or "") and a null string (nothing or null). If a TextBox has no text within it, then the Text� the above function will check all of the textbox on your form as well as inside the group box to call the function: if txtIsEmpty(Form1) then msgbox "Other texts are empty." end if

Checking if an input is empty with JavaScript, For our purpose, empty means: The user hasn't typed anything into the field; The user has typed one or more empty spaces, but not other� How to find that EditText is full empty or contain any values inside it programmatically on button click. Empty data insertion is one of the most big problems in online registration word because sometimes application user just to check our app is working properly or not they trying to send empty data to server but after putting empty condition on EditText app user is compulsory bound to enter

visual c# .net - checking for blank textboxes, How to check for a blank text box on user form with C# Net. After all, you can't expect it to convert something that's not there! To remedy this, you can use a� Javascript function to check whether a field is empty or not. At first the function required () will accept the HTML input value through inputtx parameter. After that length property of string, object is used to get the length of the said parameter.

Check if textbox is empty to empty a textbox? - MSDN, I want a method that empty's all textboxes when a button is clicked. When I run this program then I get an nullreference exception. textbox1. If you want to find the list if it is empty, you have to use the Python len (). When checking if a list is empty in python, the length of the list is zero (0) in the output. It means the list is empty and there are no elements in the given list. There is also an else statement with the if statement to print false output.

  • if(TextBox.Text == "") is better because Text might be null.
  • You could do if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(TextBox.Text))
  • Possible duplicate of Empty text box to be considered an empty string or null
  • Possible duplicate of Check if TextBox is empty and return MessageBox?
  • I think string.IsNullOrWhitespace is probably better because it fits most people's idea of what "empty" means.
  • I agree, it's not often that a couple of spaces is an expected input from a user.
  • -1: This is unnecessary. string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace checks everything that string.IsNullOrEmpty checks. From MSDN: "String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace: Indicates whether a specified string is null, empty, or consists only of white-space characters.". Also, since string is an alias for System.String, there's no difference between them unless they decide to change the implementation of String in a way that impacts this. Edit: It's generally encouraged to use the aliases, but that doesn't mean there's a difference.
  • It's different trust me! I used this code when I replied, Null or white doesn't throw exception when you add a non printable such as NCHAR(0x00A0) thus you need Null or empty
  • Yes, it's different, since one checks for whitespace and the other does not. But if you don't want to permit whitespace, using just string.isNullOrWhiteSpace for the validation is enough, since it also checks for null or empty. Also, I tried both functions with '\u00A0' (non-breaking space) and neither "threw an exception". So I fail to see your point. Could you explain further?
  • if the user adds any non printable character by copy and paste the white character will avoid null or white and enter the database
  • In the case of \u00A0, during my test, it is correctly recognized as a whitespace character in string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace. Do you have any example for other non-printable characters that won't be recognized as whitespace?