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Does any one know how to make an EditText control shows html formatted text, and even writes HTML formatted text, to act like an HTML Edit Box,

To show HTML code in an EditText you need to convert it to Spanned using Html.fromHtml(). Only a small HTML tag subset can be used in this method. You can set a Spanned as a text of an EditText. Then you can edit it and convert it back using Html.toHtml().

Make EditText accept and display HTML formatted text, Does any one know how to make an EditText control shows html formatted text, and even writes HTML formatted text, to act like an HTML Edit Box,� Make EditText accept and display HTML formatted text Does any one know how to make an EditText control shows html formatted text, and even writes HTML formatted text, to act like an HTML Edit Box,

Try using Html.fromHtml(text) to display HTML formatted text in EditText.

But Html class can recognize only few tags, its not comprehensive. You can check this blog to check which all tags are supported as of now.

How to show an HTML string in an Android TextView, Filed under “What I learned about Android today,” you can display an HTML to try to display an HTML string in a TextView , you need to use the Android em> And here\'s some <b>bold</b>. Bundle; import android.text. I want to create a Form Input in a Web Page and have Custom Text Formatting Options like Bold, Italic and Adding HyperLink. Pretty much similar to how asking a question in StackOverflow. The primary purpose is to get the html output of what user enters in the form.

String xyz="this <br>is<br> my<br> testing <br>string ";
 String formattedString =Html.fromHtml(xyz);

Working with the TextView, The android:textStyle attribute can be used to put emphasis on the text. To apply basic HTML formatting to text, add text to the TextView with: Displaying Images within a TextView In Android, many views inherit from TextView such as Button s, EditText s, RadioButton s which means that all of these views support the� The right hand column contains the formatted text stored in MySQL; the left hand column contains the display, which I want to match the contents of the database. ScreenShot.doc (179.5 KB) ronpat

You can use Spannable strings as explained in the below blog:

or use the below library:

Working with the EditText, The EditText is the standard text entry widget in Android apps. textMultiLine, Allow multiple lines of text in the field Starting with Android M and the design support library, the TextInputLayout can be used to setup a floating label to display hints and example.html� From HTML method returns displayable styled text from the provided HTML string. As per android’s official Documentations any tags in the HTML will display as a generic replacement image which your program can then go through and replace with real images.

HTML Forms, The HTML <form> element is used to create an HTML form for user input: The < input type="text"> defines a single-line input field for text input. The target attribute specifies where to display the response that is received after submitting the accept-charset, Specifies the character encodings used for form submission. Enter a value which you will be replaced in the styled format text; Enter a styled format text; Encode the styled format text using TextUtils.htmlEncode(Use the styled text as format and replace the value entered; Decode the entity-escaped HTML into a Spanned object using Html.fromHtml; Call Html.fromHtml again on the decoded text to display it

CSS Text, This text is styled with some of the text formatting properties. The heading uses the The color property is used to set the color of the text. The color is specified� Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example, how to display HTML Formatted Text using Literal control in ASP.Net using C# and VB.Net. This article will illustrate how to first generate a dynamic HTML Formatted Text String using StringBuilder class and then assign the HTML String to a Literal control and display it on Web Page in ASP.Net using C# and VB.Net. TAGs: ASP.Net, HTML

HTML Text Formatting, HTML Formatting Elements. Formatting elements were designed to display special types of text: <b> - Bold text; <strong> - Important text; <i> - Italic text; <em >� Use this HTML text editor to generate HTML text codes for your website or blog. The toolbar includes text-specific buttons. This makes it easy to create bold text, italic, lists, set text alignment, color text, and more. Go on, try it! Also see this Text Generator. And to format more than just text, see the full-blown online html editor.

  • While setting Text to my EditText the formatting of my text gets removed.
  • Maybe I will be able to help you if you show how you do it. Formatting can disappear if you call toString() for the result of Html.fromHtml().
  • More HTML tags support and compatibility library for Android's Html class: HtmlCompat,
  • Thanks a lot for the answer and the link