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I have been writing selenium scripts for a while in Java. I encountered a very weird issue today.

Here is the issue: I cleared a text field using webelement.clear() method, later while executing next command (click event), the text area I had previously cleared, is now populated with previously filled value.

Here is the code snippet:


Faced a similar problem. The input field is cleared but the error message is not updated. It seems that some input fields work correctly only if you enter and delete a character:

element.sendKeys(Keys.SPACE, Keys.BACK_SPACE);

selenium clear() command doesn't clear the element, selenium clear() command doesn't clear the element Here is the issue: I cleared a text field using webelement.clear() method, later while executing next� "Unsupported" commands, or commands that haven't been implemented by the browser-specific driver, are the responsibility of the driver vendor to implement. The Selenium project does not develop or maintain the Edge driver, Microsoft does.

I don't know the exact reason for your element keeping its value, but you can try an alternative text clearance by sending 'Ctrl+A+Delete' key combination using sendKeys method of the element's object:

emailAddress.sendKeys(Keys.chord(Keys.CONTROL,"a", Keys.DELETE));

Chrome 71 [ClearText does not work for REACT input box] � Issue , Test script or set of commands reproducing this issue WebDriver .clear() does not clear the text in text input elgalu/docker-selenium#333. Here is what exactly clear() will do. The function will clear textbox value and enable text box. Before entering text in text field we need to clear the text field and will enable it. If we do not use clear (), we can't enter any value in text field using selenium.

It's possible that the fields you're trying to fill has autocomplete attribute set to on. [Reference]

If clear() works when the line executes then it's safe to say that this is not a webdriver specific issue.

It would help if you can show the html snippet of the page section you're working on.

Possible areas of debugging:

  • forcefully remove autocomplete attribute on page load using java script executor
  • turn off autocomplete setting on the driver level. I believe the solution would vary depending on the driver being used.

    Good luck!

    PS: Those Thread.sleep(s) are not advisable.

    ChromeDriver does not clear text input fields or handle Keys , On what operating system? selenium-java-2.0a4 Ubuntu 9.10, Chrome 5.0. 375.86 BACKSPACE, etc element.clear() also doesn't seem to have any effect. If you take a look in the selenium source code you'll find that the clear()-method is documented with the following comment: /** If this element is a text entry element, this will clear the value. Has no effect on other elements. Text entry elements are INPUT and TEXTAREA elements. Note that the events fired by this event may not be as you'd expect.

  • I had a similar issue with a text field that used an auto-complete plugin. I had to explicitly clear the attribute value as well as do a SendKeys. I created an extension method to encapsulate the behaviour, hopefully the snippet below will help:

    public static void SendKeysAutocomplete(this IWebElement element, string fieldValue)
       element.SetAttribute("value", fieldValue);
    public static void SetAttribute(this IWebElement element, string attributeName, string attributeValue)
       var driver = WebDriverHelper.GetDriverFromScenarioContext();
       var executor = (IJavaScriptExecutor)driver;
       executor.ExecuteScript("arguments[0].setAttribute(arguments[1], arguments[2]);", element, attributeName, attributeValue);

    Ways to Clear/Fill input fields with Selenium, So, let's check it out. The standard way of filling inputs in Selenium library. It's done it 2 steps: clear the field using method clear()� Now let’s see the Selenium Webdriver commands associated with the web elements. 4.1- Clear Command. void clear( ) – This method will clear the value of any text type element. It doesn’t allow any parameter and its return type is also void. Command – element.clear();

    Another way that worked for me in python, but is not what you would call elegant:

    for _ in range(4):

    selenium clear() command doesn't clear the element, Above, WebElement's clear() method is used to clear the text after typing “ Selenium Testing” into Google search box. [Source of above example: Selenium � The original question says clear() cannot be used. This does not apply to that situation. I'm adding my working example here as this SO post was one of the first Google results for clearing an input before entering a value. For input where here is no additional restriction I'm including a browser agnostic method for Selenium using NodeJS.

    Sendkeys : Click : Clear : Submit ~ Element Input Operations, Selenium helps automation tester to handle webelement inputs, like entering text using We can clear any editable field using clear() method present in selenium, most of META ('\uE03D'), ZENKAKU_HANKAKU ('\uE040'); COMMAND (Keys. We can use click() method to click the radio button, as we know we cannot� Send Keys command; command; Driver.navigate.refresh command: This is the inbuilt method for performing page refresh operation provided by Selenium web driver. This command is the most commonly used command across test automation for performing a page refresh operation. Refresh command can be used in a simple way as mentioned

    Clear text from text area using selenium WebDriver, how can I tell selenium to clear the field? I used the below code: driver. get_element_by_id('foo').clear_field(). selenium-webdriver � selenium� I have just recently done an export of my selenium IDE code to selenium web driver. I have found that a lot of the commands that worked in IDE either fail to work or selenium web driver claims to not support at all. So far I've been tackling these issues one at a time which is less than ideal

    SeleniumTwo ( 109. Using clear( ) command to clear a , 109. Using clear( ) command to clear a text box field. clear( ) predefined method of Selenium 'WebDriver' Class is used to clear the text entered or displayed in� These are Selenium WebDriver commands taking advantage of the Keys enum in Selenium. – Petr Janeček May 29 '12 at 14:47 @Slanec : I mean if not possible with selenium2 can it be used with junit using RC.

    • As a complement to this solution: if the input field has text with special characters (for example, an input for a date that has '/') the sending of those keys must be break in two steps. First CONTROL + a, and then DELETE; otherwise, just a segment, until the first special character, of the text is deleted.
    • Though not a direct solution, this was a good explanation. Mine had autocomplete.