How can I make sure all my observables have completed before showing a toast message?

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I have a scenario in which I have to make some api calls, then show some toast messages informing the user if the calls succeeded or failed. In the code below, the processSaveResponses method gets called before the observable's are resolved. The processSaveResponses method is responsible for displaying the toast messages. I understand this is expected behavior, since observable's are asynchronous, but I don't know how to "wait" unit the observable's have finished.

The and deliveryPreferencesService.saveAutoEnroll methods are independent of each other, but deliveryPreferencesService.saveAutoEnroll should not be called if failed.

  private saveChanges(changeSet: DeliveryPreferencesChangeSet) {

    let deliveryPrefernceResult;
    let saveAutoEnroll = true;

    const { accountPreferences: accountPreferenceChanges, autoEnrollPreferences: autoEnrollPreferenceChanges } = changeSet.changes;

    if (accountPreferenceChanges.length) {
          () => deliveryPrefernceResult = true,
          () => saveAutoEnroll = false);

    if (autoEnrollPreferenceChanges.length) {
      if (saveAutoEnroll) {
            () => console.log('save auto enroll completed'),
            () => saveAutoEnroll = false);

    this.processSaveResponses([{ success: deliveryPrefernceResult }, {success: saveAutoEnroll}]);

Here is the code for the processSaveResponses :

    if (every(responses, ['success', false])) {
    else if (every(responses, ['success', true])) {
      this.originalPreferences = cloneDeep(this.currentPreferences);;
    else {
      if ((responses[0] as any).success) {
        this.originalPreferences.accountPreferenceSets = cloneDeep(this.currentPreferences.accountPreferenceSets);
      } else {
        this.originalPreferences.autoEnrollPreferences = cloneDeep(this.currentPreferences.autoEnrollPreferences);

Any help would be appreciated. I am using rxjs version 5.5.2.

Try to use switchMap as described here. I guess it can be used in your case.
    switchMap(x => this.deliveryPreferencesService.saveAutoEnroll(autoEnrollPreferenceChanges))
  .subscribe(() => {
    // TODO something

In this case this.deliveryPreferencesService.saveAutoEnroll(autoEnrollPreferenceChanges) will be called only after succeeded

Convert Angularfire2/Firestore observable to promise, How can I make sure all my observables have completed before showing a toast message? - angular. How to clear toasts before showing a new toast? #149. I am trying to clear all the previous toastr message before I call this again. How can I do that?

You need to use the zip

import { of, zip } from 'rxjs';

const x1$ = of('Hello');
const x2$ = of('World!');
const x3$ = of('Goodbye');
const x4$ = of('World!');

const subscription = zip(x1$, x2$, x3$, x4$).subscribe( res => {

["Hello", "World!", "Goodbye", "World!"]

OK 👍

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Sorry, I've got. You can do it by using async\await with promises. Now it should work by your scenario.

  private async saveChanges(changeSet: DeliveryPreferencesChangeSet) {
    const { accountPreferences: accountPreferenceChanges, autoEnrollPreferences: autoEnrollPreferenceChanges } = changeSet.changes;

    if (accountPreferenceChanges.length) {

    if (autoEnrollPreferenceChanges.length) {

        await this.deliveryPreferencesService.saveAutoEnroll(autoEnrollPreferenceChanges).toPromise();

    this.processSaveResponses([{ success: true }, {success: true}]);

More about async/await in TS

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  • you can change observable to promise and then wait for the response. and then complete your calls.
  • This is very close to what I need, but this.deliveryPreferencesService.saveAutoEnroll can be called without
  • No, this.deliveryPreferencesService.saveAutoEnroll will be called only after calling If is not called, won't be called.
  • They will be called strictly consistently
  • What I meant in my previous comment was in my scenario, the this.deliveryPreferencesService.saveAutoEnroll can be called alone IF autoEnrollPreferenceChanges.length is greater than zero AND accountPreferenceChanges.length is equal to zero.
  • @broke, you could start with an iif , like iif(condition, save(), of(undefined)) and then switchMap to saveAutoEnroll
  • Not sure how this would help. I don't want to call saveAutoEnroll if failed