How can i fix" Button().isEnabled" error on my app?

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I'm trying to make an RNG App and want to disable my Button as long as my animation is running. It shouldn't be too complicated, because I'm a Beginner in Kotlin-App development. it crashes after the delay.

I have already tried other ways with my Animation and is tried setEnable().

button_randomize.setOnClickListener {
    textView_Number.text = (minRangeRandom..maxRangeRandom).shuffled().first().toString()

    Timer().schedule(object: TimerTask(){
         override fun run() {
             button_randomize.isEnabled = false
    button_randomize.isEnabled = true

I expect that the randomize Button is disabled until the animation is finished. Currently, it crashes when the delay is finished.

It's likely because Timer creates a new thread, and your TimerTask is ran on that new thread. However, the Android UI framework does not support multi-threading. View properties may only be altered on the main thread.

To fix this, use a different way to delay. This executes the delayed code on the main thread:

button_randomize.isEnabled = true
    button_randomize.isEnabled = false
}, 500)

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Try below code.

    .withStartAction {
        button_randomize.isEnabled = false
    }.withEndAction {
        button_randomize.isEnabled = true     

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You can add an animator listener to know when it ends, like this

textview_Number.animate().setDuration(500).rotationBy(360f).setListener(object : Animator.AnimatorListener {
                override fun onAnimationRepeat(animation: Animator?) {}

                override fun onAnimationCancel(animation: Animator?) {}

                override fun onAnimationStart(animation: Animator?) {}

                override fun onAnimationEnd(animation: Animator?) {
                     button_randomize.isEnabled = true

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  • A crash log would have helped..
  • try using View.postDelayed on your button instead of a timer.
  • This is a way to sync the animation with the handler hardcoded, this is by far a not good approach.
  • This doesn't work sadly but thanks for your submission!