Clearing $this->input->post()?

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thanks for clearing that up for me
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How do we clear/reset $this->input->post()? Probably something analogous to clearing $_POST ?

To clear the post use

unset ($_POST);

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if it is a must;

create two copies of forms(preferebly in two files in view();

1) every form of type

echo form_input('username','','placeholder="username"').""; let it be main_form.php;

2) every form of type

echo form_input('username', set_value('username','username')).""; let it be sub_form.php;

redirect all repeated request to second page

whenever you donot want POST values, then call main_form()

[there might be other ways].

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From the page point of view is better to use ajax-request or after a sucesfully form post to redirect to the same page, so if the user refreshes the page will NOT post the form again.

I think something like this redirect(current_url()); (not sure).

This will clear your post and ensure that user don't accidentally double post the data.

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Simply call the CI form_validation method.


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  • doesn’t work when using set_value('form_field_name') in view file. Is there any solution for that?