escape characters in SQL query string produced via string.format

I have the statement in c# :

String sql = String.Format("UPDATE Table SET FIRST_NAME='{0}',LAST_NAME='{1}',BIRTH_DATE='{2}' where CUSTOMER_NUMBER ='{3}'",FirstName, LastName,DateOfBirth,Number);

The above statement doesn't execute if the first name,last name etc have apostrophe like O'Hare,O'Callahagan because of this the update statement gets the wrong syntax.

How to escape the apostrophe in string.format?

How to escape the apostrophe in string.format?

Don't escape it, use parameterized query instead.

Imagine a user with a really unconventional name strongly resembling SQL statements for dropping a table or doing something equally malicious. Escaping quotes is not going to be of much help.

Use this query instead:

String sql = @"UPDATE Table
    SET FIRST_NAME=@FirstName
,   LAST_NAME=@LastName
,   BIRTH_DATE=@BirthDate

After that, set values of FirstName, LastName, DateOfBirth, and Number on the corresponding parameters:

SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(sql, conn);
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@FirstName", FirstName);
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@LastName", LastName);
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@BirthDate", BirthDate);
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@CustomerNumber", CustomerNumber);

Your RDMBS driver will do everything else for you, protecting you from malicious exploits. As an added benefit, it would let you avoid issues when the date format of your RDBMS is different from your computer: since your date would no longer be passed as a string representation, there would be no issues understanding which part of the formatted date represents a day, and which one represents a month.

Writing Strings That Include Quotes or Special Characters, Writing Strings That Include Quotes or Special Characters Problem You want to To write a string in a SQL statement, surround it with quote characters: To include a quote character within a string that is quoted by the same kind of quote, � In SQL, the backslash is the escape character. A character preceded by the escape character is called an escape sequence. The following is a list of frequently used escape sequences and what they represent: Representing String Literals with Quotes – Revisited. We can also use the escape character to represent single and double quotes. In our

How To, and Not To, Escape a String In TSQL, Today's blog came from an idea that arose from a mistake I made This mistake was followed up by reading the documentation for the statement I used incorrectly. For example, to surround the following string with single quotes ('): like most of SQL Server's names, but you can give it any character to� SQL Server STRING_ESCAPE () function overview The STRING_ESCAPE () function escapes special characters in a string and returns the new string with escaped character. Currently, the STRING_ESCAPE () function only supports escaping JSON’s special characters. The following shows the syntax of the STRING_ESCAPE () function:

Use parameterized query.

string commandString = "insert into MyTable values (@val1, @val2)";     
SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand(commandString, connection);
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("val1", "O'Hare");
command.Parameters.AddWithValue("val2", "O'Callahagan");

mysqljs/sqlstring: Simple SQL escape and format for MySQL, You can do so using the SqlString.escape() method: Alternatively, you can use ? characters as placeholders for values you would like to have escaped like this: You can use SqlString.format to prepare a query with multiple insertion points� The SQL String Inclusion of apostrophes (or single quotes) inside an SQL statement provides the following error returned from the database manager (for the name O’Dowd in this case): An escape character is needed, being a double apostrophe instead of a single one. Thus, O”Dowd is acceptable to the database.

SQL Server String Functions, This tutorial provides with many useful SQL Server String functions that allow FORMAT, Return a value formatted with the specified format and optional culture character with the specified integer code, as defined by the Unicode standard Escapes special characters in a string and returns a new string with escaped� One of my favorite SQL commands has been QUOTENAME. A common programming need when generating code is the need to surround a string value with quotes, and escape any characters that are the same as you are surrounding the string with, with doubles (and if you need doubles of the character in the string, you then need four of the characters.)

Nodejs escape sql string, Simple SQL escape and format for MySQL Microsoft SQL Server client for Node. Thus, you can access MS SQL Server database and execute queries using The STRING_ESCAPE() function escapes special characters in a string and The string in the from argument is encoded to produce an escaped SQL string,� To match an actual percent sign or underscore in a LIKE predicate, an escape character must come before the percent sign or underscore. The escape sequence that defines the LIKE predicate escape character is: {escape ' escape-character '} where escape-character is any character supported by the data source.

Escape a SQL query string, Added by iNTERFACEWARE. How to correctly escape a SQL query string. Source Code. -- create connections once when channel starts� Well I am just inserting #1 into the database just like that, but then when I pull it back out via LINQ it is coming into the string with the '\r \t\t\t\t\t' etc. Then I have to do a Replace function on each of those escape characters so they are removed from my string. An example would be

  • Use parameterized SQL!…
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  • I changed the entire structure of my program using parameters. That works thank you :)
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  • What if I am using SqlDataAdapter instead?
  • What I am wondering: Why would escaping quotes not be of much help when confronted with a malicious name like "Robert'); DROP TABLE Students;--"? I see no issue when escaping the single quote to 2 single quotes. The malicious DROP TABLE would be a string because of the escaping and would not execute.