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Hey guys i have a quick and easy question i guess for you. I want to find out if i can create a real time event that would check for value of a textbox. What i mean is if the textbox is empty the button wouldnt be clickable. Im thinking is there anyway apart from validation to do this in code? So far im stuck here:

if (YourName.Text = null)
       SubmitButton.Enabled = "False";

Where Yourname is the textbox and SubmitButton is the button :)

System.String provides a pair of convenient functions called IsNullOrEmpty and IsNullOrWhiteSpace which you can use for testing for all kinds of strings that look empty to end users:

if (string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(YourName.Text)) {
    SubmitButton.Enabled = false; // <<== No double-quotes around false
} else {
    // Don't forget to re-enable the button
    SubmitButton.Enabled = true;

This would disable the button even for string composed entirely of blank characters, which makes sense when you validate a name.

The above is identical to

SubmitButton.Enabled = !string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(YourName.Text);

which shorter than a version with an if.

If input field is empty, disable submit button, You are disabling only on document.ready and this happens only once when DOM is ready but you need to disable in keyup event too when� Hi, I need to have a button disabled until the user add text on the three textboxes that I have created, currently when the users add text to any of the textboxes the button gets enabled, here is the code that I have now:

SubmitButton.Enabled = YourName.Text.Length > 0;

Disabling a button if the textbox is empty using Javascript, Hello there, I needed some help regarding disabling a button untill the textbox has some text in it. I tried using the Required Field Validator but� Disable the button if the text box is blank: If(IsBlank(Other_Txtbox),DisplayMode.Disabled,DisplayMode.Edit) Disable the button if the dropdown value is blank: If(IsBlank(Reasons_DD),DisplayMode.Disabled,DisplayMode.Edit) Help!

Well, start with the button disabled. Add TextChanged event to the textbox. And each time, check if the string is empty or not (use @dasblinkenlight's code in the TextChanged event handler.

[Solved] disable/enable button via javascript, so my solution is to disabled the button on pageload and add onChange event on textbox to check if its empty or not and then enable the button� If all the fields are empty then the button is disabled. But as soon as text is entered into 1 of the fields, the button is enabled regardless of the fact the other fields still need data. The form consists of 4 dropdowns and 2 textinput fields. All the dropdowns have "Please select" as the first option, so if this is what is displayed then the button should be disabled.

Here's an old school javascript approach. You could use jquery but if this is all you want to do that would be overkill. In the code below, the oninput event fires when text is changed either via the keyboard or mouse/tap (you need to capture all, this should do that for you). The javascript then gets the contents of the textbox, removes preceeding and trailing whitespace, and sets the disabled attribute on the submit button equal to the textbox being empty, qualified with .length == 0.

Note: if you do not want to disable for text that is only whitespace change submit.disabled = (tb.value.trim().length == 0); to submit.disabled = (tb.value.length == 0); which removes the call to the trim() method. The trim() method strips the preceeding and trailing whitespace.

This approach removes the need for a postback to enable or disable the submit button.

<!doctype html>
<!-- tested in firefox -->
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var enableInput = function() {
            var tb = document.getElementById("text_box");
            var submit = document.getElementById("submit");
            submit.disabled = (tb.value.trim().length == 0); 
        <input type="text" id="text_box" name="test" oninput="enableInput();"></input><br/>
        <input id="submit" type="submit"></input>

Disable or Enable Submit Button using JavaScript disabled Property, When a user enters a value in the textbox, the script will enable (clickable) the submit button, else if the textbox is empty it will again disable the button. The same script will work with the submit button as well as with the input button. Sometimes we need to enable/disable controls based on a property of another control. Like if a textbox has some value, only then enable the button, else disable. In the example below, I have a textbox txtName and once the user enters something (as soon as) into the textbox, then enable the “Add Name” button.

Jquery Disable Button if Textarea is empty - JSFiddle, <input type="text" name="textField" />. 2. <textarea rows="4" cols="30" id="texta"> </textarea>. 3. <input type="submit" value="next" />. JavaScript + jQuery 1.8.3� I have a form with 4 textboxes with a watermark and 1 OK button. I'm now trying to disable the OK button as long as every textbox doesn't contain a userdefined value.

Disabling Add button if input is empty, Disabling Add button if input is empty - Interactive Web Pages with JavaScript. Hi, . I've solved the first part of the final challenge on the� How can I disable the button if the input is empty, and enable it when the user start typing in the input, i tried that: <input #new_field type="text" autocomplete="off" /> <p-button (onClick)="saveNewField(new_field.value)" [disabled]="new_field.value ==''" label="Save"></p-button> and also this:

Solved: Disable button based off empty dropdown value, I need to disable the submit button both if the textbox is blank OR if the dropdown value is blank. Right now both of the below formulas work on their own but I've� You could poll the value of the input. This would be less efficient and less responsive but potentially more reliable. As you pointed out, the keyup event won't neccessarily fire when an input's value is cleared.

  • are you wanting this to occur on the page postback? or would you like this done on the client side? e.g. via javascript
  • If you want it to be real time, its better to do it in javascript. Because once disabled, the button stays disabled till the page is postbacked to server. So if the button is which initiating the postback, users wont be able to postback in the first place.
  • Probably a typo but it should be if (YourName.Text == null) with the double ==
  • or SubmitButton.Enabled = string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(YourName.Text) :)
  • @TimBJames Perfect comment! You're right, the code without an if is cleaner (and it also fixes a bug).
  • Thanks! I appreciate the help guys!
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  • These do not work for me. I can still click on my button and have the code fail because nothing is returned as a result of the empty text box. Any workaround?