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I am trying to edit (for demonstration purpose) list of words passed by anything. After which I want to back as I passed it back, but I am stuck on how to get it back as a sentence from an array after the edit. Following is my code

function funk(words){
  let arr = words.split(" ")
  arr.forEach((e) =>{
        //returns in 2 lines but I want it same as I passed i.e. A sentence or string

funk("hello world")

After make the changes you can use return arr.join(" ")

Three Ways to Title Case a Sentence in JavaScript, The split() method splits a String object into an array of strings by separating the string into substrings. The charAt() method returns the specified� Merge an array of size n into another array of size m+n; Write a program to reverse an array or string; Program for array rotation; Reversal algorithm for array rotation; Block swap algorithm for array rotation; Program to cyclically rotate an array by one; Product of all Subarrays of an Array; Sliding Window Maximum : Set 2; Perfect Sum Problem

You need to modify your array in a different way, for example using the map function. You can use the join function to join your array back. Taking your same code as an example:

function funk(words){
  let arr = words.split(" ")
  arr = =>{
    return e + "!"; // You can add any modification to the words of the array here
  // This takes the already modified array and put it together separating its
  // elements by a space
  return arr.join(" ");

console.log(funk("hello world")) // Shows "hello! world!"

String.prototype.split(), The split() method divides a String into an ordered list of substrings, puts these substrings If separator is omitted or does not occur in str , the returned array contains Sentence number 2. Last modified: Jul 6, 2020 , by MDN contributors. The query works by first splitting the text into sentences, and then splitting the sentences into an array of strings that hold each word. For each of these arrays, the Distinct method removes all duplicate words, and then the query performs an Intersect operation on the word array and the wordsToMatch array.

Your question says returning the array to a combined string, but your comment says making an output on the same line. We are all confused on what you want.

// After converting it, let's return it to a combined form
Array.prototype.back = function() {
    return this.join(' ').split('...').join('')
// Let's convert it to your format of ['Hello...', 'world...']
String.prototype.convert = function() {
    return this.split(' ').map(w => `${w}...`)

let b = 'Hello world'.convert();
let f = b.back();

console.log('Begin', b);
console.log('Final', f);


Begin [ 'Hello...', 'world...' ]
Final Hello world

And for same line, using your function. You were using forEach in a loop, so it will log the console out for each element in the loop. Thats why it was not on the same line. Node.JS example you can just use process.stdout

function funk(words){
    let arr = words.split(" ")
    arr.forEach((e) =>{
        // Will be one line
    // Add this for trailing line console.log('\n');

Output (Same Line)

String array - MATLAB, Starting in R2016b, you can represent text using string arrays instead of character arrays. To return the number of characters in str , use the strlength function. The tricky thing is defining the return value type. Strings in C are arrays of char elements, so we can’t really return a string - we must return a pointer to the first element of the string. This is why we need to use const char*: const char* myName() { return "Flavio"; }

Create String Arrays - MATLAB & Simulink, Create string arrays to store sequences of characters. When you call strings with no arguments, it returns an empty string. Note that the size of str is 1-by-1, not 0-by-0 Finally, display the modified string element, str(2,2) . TF = isspace(str {2,2}). Excel VBA Split String into Array. A string is a collection of characters joined together, when these characters are divided and stored in a variable then that variable becomes an array for these characters and the method we use to split a string to make into an array is by using the SPLIT function in vba which splits the string in a one dimensional string.

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Java Program to reverse words in a String, For example, if we input a string as "Reverse the word of this. The substrings are stored in an String array words . j--) { /* The charAt() function returns the character * at the given position in a string */ reverseWord = reverseWord + word. ch_arr + 2 points to the 2nd string or 2nd 1-D array. In general, ch_arr + i points to the ith string or ith 1-D array. We know that when we dereference a pointer to an array, we get the base address of the array. So, on dereferencing ch_arr + i we get the base address of the 0th 1-D array.

  • simply arr.joint(' ')....
  • Here is the join() function
  • So is the output you expect a string that reads "hello... world..."?
  • @benvc here is an example,console
  • @benvc I want it on the same line as a sentence or like how it is passed in the argument but with changes appened. right now, if u check in the console, it shows on 2 line
  • I don't see how this makes it a bad or incorrect answer for the question that was asked here @Raymond
  • 25 minutes ago I posted mine. Everyone of us is using the same map function and same techniques. He obviously doesn't know what he wants, so let's wait until he edits than post new answers
  • And thanks @benvc, I didn't even checked the other answers haha but it's okay, I just want to help the community