When using while loop to fetch database results, how do i jump to the third row and get the number

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while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) {

    $price6 = substr("{$row['price']}",0,15);

for example in this code if its going to print out five results, i want to do something immediately after the third result is printed out. Please someone help me out.

You can either have a variable $i = 0 before the loop and count it in the loop and after let say $i == 3 you can write break and go out of the loop OR your can write a for loop and do the same: Example 1:

$i = 0;
while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) {
    $price6 = substr("{$row['price']}",0,15);
    if ($i == 3) break;

Example 2:

$row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result);
for ($i = 0; $i < count($row); $i++) {
     // do something
     if ($i == 3) break;

I haven't tested this on your example but just to give you an idea.

While loop condition php, So your $row will have value every time you run while so it will run for infinite time . First one will fetching mysql data every loop. //first loop call row one // second loop call row two //third loop call row three row two and mysql cursor jump to row there print_r(mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)); //print row there� I'm not allowed to use cursor, or temp tables. I have to use a while loop only. Table1 - Readonly Table (non editable) id name M01 Raja M02 Ravi M03 Vijay M04 suresh Query Declare @TotRecord

The other suggestions here are good, here's another way of doing it:

Replace your while loop with the following:

$rows = mysqli_fetch_all($result, MYSQLI_ASSOC);

Now you can use that array in foreach loops like so

foreach($rows as $id => $row){
    //id is now the "count"
    //keep in mind it starts from zero

JavaScript Loops Explained: For Loop, While Loop, Dowhile Loop , You can type js for , js while or js do while to get more info on any of these. For loops are commonly used to count a certain number of iterations to repeat a statement. Use a break statement to exit the loop before the condition change code below this line. var i = 0; while (i <= 4){ myArray.push(i); i++; }� More commonly, however, a WHILE loop is used to repeatedly perform SQL procedure statements, such as FETCH (for retrieving row values from a cursor). For examples of using WHILE loops with cursor operations such as OPEN, FETCH and CLOSE, see Chapter 4, "Understanding and Using Cursors and Result Sets."

Did you try adding a counter?

while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) {
    $price6 = substr("{$row['price']}",0,15);
    if ($teller == 3) {
        // do something magical

MySQL Tutorial - Fetch Array, If you have been jumping around our MySQL Tutorial then you would have already When we fetch an array from our MySQL Resource $result it should have Getting a Row of Data using mysql_fetch_array is that you can use it again on the same MySQL Resource to return the second, third, Fetch Array While Loop. 0 When using while loop to fetch database results, how do i jump to the third row and get the number Mar 20 '19. 0 device.uuid undefined in PhoneGap on Android?

SQL WHILE loop with simple examples, SQL WHILE loop provides us with the advantage to execute the SQL If the result of the condition is true, the SQL statement will be executed. Otherwise Imagine that we have a WHILE loop, and we don't increment the value of the variable. In the following example, we will read table data, row by row. Accessing a Database in Perl generally takes two steps. The DBI module provides an API for database access. A program uses the functions of DBI to manipulate the database. The second stage of database access from Perl is a database driver (DBD) module. Each different database system requires its own driver.

mysql_data_seek - Manual, The row_number should be a value in the range from 0 to mysql_num_rows() - 1. However if the result set is empty (mysql_num_rows() == 0), a seek to 0 will fail with an The desired row number of the new result pointer. Get a result row as an enumerated array; mysql_fetch_assoc() - Fetch a result row as an associative � Definition and Usage. The fetch_row() / mysqli_fetch_row() function fetches one row from a result-set and returns it as an enumerated array.

Importance of While Loop and Table Variable in SQL Server, This article explains the While loop, a table and variable combination with an example. It is an entry controlled loop and it is used to iterate the results. When we have tables with an identity column then it can be iterated. The third row does not exist, because we have deleted it so now the table is� PDO::FETCH_ORI_FIRST :-Fetch the first row in the result set. Valid only for scrollable cursors. PDO::FETCH_ORI_LAST :-Fetch the last row in the result set. Valid only for scrollable cursors. PDO::FETCH_ORI_ABS :-Fetch the requested row by row number from the result set. Valid only for scrollable cursors. PDO::FETCH_ORI_REL :-