What is the max number of attached volumes per Amazon EC2 instance?

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I am running Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS as the guest operating system.

How many volumes can I attach to an instance? I'm working on a project which will require that each of our customer has its own volume.

Amazon seems to not have dynamic volumes, so we need to create a new volume from a snapshot to grow an existing one. This operation requires server down time and that's unacceptable. This is why we need one volume per client. With a physical server, I'll put a 2TB drive and use quotas, but we don't want to go this way for now.

In fact there is no limit if you stick with Linux (Windows instances are limited to 16 EBS volumes). You may have to change the naming of the devices, then you can get easily up to 24 volumes:

/dev/sdf1  /dev/sdf5  /dev/sdf9  /dev/sdg4  /dev/sdg8  /dev/sdh3
/dev/sdf2  /dev/sdf6  /dev/sdg1  /dev/sdg5  /dev/sdg9  /dev/sdh4
/dev/sdf3  /dev/sdf7  /dev/sdg2  /dev/sdg6  /dev/sdh1  /dev/sdh5
/dev/sdf4  /dev/sdf8  /dev/sdg3  /dev/sdg7  /dev/sdh2  /dev/sdh6

For further information take a look at the docs: Attaching the Volume to an Instance.

Instance volume limits - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Linux-specific volume limits Attaching more than 40 volumes can cause boot failures. This number includes the root volume, plus any attached instance store volumes and EBS volumes. AWS says that there is a limit of 40 volumes for linux and 26 or 16 for Windows with this caveat for each. Attaching more than * volumes to a * instance is supported on a best effort basis only and is not guaranteed. http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/volume_limits.html

Amazon EBS volumes - Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Use Amazon EBS volumes as a block-level storage device that you can attach to one or more instances for primary storage of frequently updated data. Each attached instance is able to drive its maximum IOPS performance up to the volume's maximum provisioned performance. However, the aggregate performance of all of the attached instances can't exceed the volume's maximum provisioned performance.

AWS says that there is a limit of 40 volumes for linux and 26 or 16 for Windows with this caveat for each. Attaching more than * volumes to a * instance is supported on a best effort basis only and is not guaranteed.


EBS Volumes - RightScale Docs, typically have a limit on how many volumes can be attached to a Node. For other instance types on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2),� gp2 is the default EBS volume type for Amazon EC2 instances. These volumes are backed by solid-state drives (SSDs) and are suitable for a broad range of transactional workloads, including dev/test environments, low-latency interactive applications, and boot volumes. gp2 is designed to offer single-digit millisecond latency, deliver a consistent baseline performance of 3 IOPS/GB (minimum 100

To build on moosgummi's answer, AWS allows for a wide range of block device names. See the relevant documentation here, under "Specifying a Block Device Mapping."


An EBS volume mount point must begin with /dev/, and then specify "hd" or "sd" (2), then a through z (26), and then 1 through 15, or a no number (16). Those choices yield 2 x 26 x 16 = 832 name options. (More than moosgummi's suggested 24.) But be careful to avoid conflicts with the root device (sda1), or other defaults (sda[1-15]).

Device name limitations are the only constraint I know of on total number of attached EBS volumes. But I've never tried more than a few at once.

Node-specific Volume Limits, Its unique storage architecture provides you with many different ways of customizing maximum provisioned storage limit for Amazon RDS database ( DB) instances groups who can attach, delete, or detach EBS volumes to EC2 instances. I've got an EC2 instance running Ubuntu and want to attach some 50-60 EBS volumes to it. However, the EC2 console says I can use only /dev/sdf through /dev/sdp, so I'm limited to 11 volumes.

[PDF] Optimizing MySQL Running on Amazon EC2 Using , EBS volumes are attached to the SoftNAS instance using the AWS console. The number of disks that can be attached is based on the type of virtualization This limit is based on the volume naming convention used by HVM instances. block- level storage volumes for use with Amazon EC2 instances in the AWS Cloud. It allows us to bid for a spare Amazon EC2 compute capacity. Usually, these can be up to 90% cheaper than On-Demand instances. It requires us to offer, and it specifies the maximum price we want to pay per instance along with instance type and AZ. We get our spot instance, based on availability and current spot pricing in the specified AZ.

EBS Volumes and Device Mapping, Creating a GIS deployment with Amazon Web Services requires you to Block Store (EBS) volumes are virtual disk drives that you can attach to your EC2 instance may place limits on the size of any one file you can transfer or the number of� EBS volumes that are attached to a running instance can automatically detach from the instance with their data intact when the instance is terminated if you uncheck the Delete on Termination checkbox when you configure EBS volumes for your instance on the EC2 console. The volume can then be reattached to a new instance, enabling quick recovery.

Strategies for data transfer to Amazon Web Services , 9's); provide high availability with a maximum of 99.99%; provides Security with A company runs an application on a group of Amazon Linux EC2 instances. for list operations with large number of objects, its better to build a secondary index in snapshots across multiple EBS volumes attached to an EC2 instance. If the number of instance store volumes in a block device mapping exceeds the number of instance store volumes available to an instance, the additional volumes are ignored. For more information about the instance store volumes support by each instance type, see Instance store volumes .

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  • in windows2003 can i attach more than one ebs volume?. I already attached 1 TB ebs volume to my ec2 instance. Now i tried to attach the second ebs volume with 1 TB size which was created from snapshot to ec2 instance but it shows disk as dynamic and when i right click on the device it shows only two options. 1. Import foreign disks 2. convert to basic disk So, any idea how to attach the seconds ebs which was created from snapshot?.
  • @loganathan I have no clue ... Sorry, but I'm not working with Windows anymore. You should open a new question for your issue.
  • Per current docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/device_naming.html this information is valid only for instances whose virtualization type is Paravirtual. For HVM, the scheme is slightly different.
  • If you've experienced this does that mean the AWS documentation is incorrect? docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/volume_limits.html
  • At the time I wrote this answer it was correct, as I run all my instances as plain Amazon Linux. You could not get past 26. Since the issue is one of the VM, not of the OS (in case of Unix anyway) Amazon can always have changed those limits in the meantime. I also checked the documentation I quoted at docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/… and it has not been updated.