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I have an Airflow DAG scheduled to run daily. When I start a backfill for the last month, Airflow will start processing the runs from oldest to newest. As a single run takes a couple of hours, which means that when a new run becomes available (a day has passed while working through the backfill), the new run will only be processed after the entire backfill has completed (causing recent data to be not available for the company). Is it possible to instruct Airflow to process runs from most recent to oldest?

I don't think this is possible with the Airflow standard components.

Depending on the amount of tasks you could set all tasks to the state successful. After the run has been completed, just clear the state and the day import will run through.

Airflow executing same operator twice - airflow, How to instruct airflow to backfill from most recent to oldest. I have an Airflow DAG scheduled to run daily. When I start a backfill for the last month, Airflow will� Active Oldest Votes. 0. How to instruct airflow to backfill from most recent to oldest. 3. How to capture passed --conf parameter in called DAG in Airflow. 2.

You can do it in Airflow 1.10.3

airflow backfill --run_backwards dag_id

Backfilling guidelines, Generally, we recommend the following: Create dag with desired (real) start date. Enable it (turn it on), so that Airflow starts scheduling DAG runs. Wait until at least one scheduled run has been created. Re-deploy with the start_date being the earliest date you want to backfill for. Active Oldest Votes. 51. 0. How to instruct airflow to backfill from most recent to oldest. 8. Airflow backfills and new dag runs. 4. Airflow backfill stops if

Airflow will determine the date to schedule created DAG runs by the most recent dag run for that dag.

A solution, albeit a messy solution, is to create a DAG run manually for today (ensuring you match the Dag Id exactly, and use consistent Run Id format as the scheduler uses). This will force Airflow to skip DAG runs that should happen up until this new DAG run execution date.

You can then duplicate the DAG itself, rename it, and set a start and end dates. The start date should be when the backfill should start, the end date to a date/time before the execution date you set for the manual DAG run. (A second before it is fine)

This will let your main DAG stay up to date, while backfilling the data. However doing this will leave your DAG history in two places. If you really care you can probably write some SQL to merge it. It may not work for every use case, depending on how your DAGs are setup, but could be a solution for you.

How to run Airflow DAGs for a specified date in the past?, How does Airflow backfill work? Have you created a new Airflow DAG, but now you have to run it using The backfill command does not re-run completed DAGs within the given period unless we explicitly instruct it to do so. [AIRFLOW-3702] Add backfill option to run backwards #4676 feng-tao merged 1 commit into apache : master from Asana : airflow-3702 Feb 14, 2019 Conversation 7 Commits 1 Checks 0 Files changed

The short answer to your question is no, this isn't a supported Airflow feature today. Several of us have had a similar desire for this feature under similar circumstances after a DAG gets majorly backlogged, so it may be worth adding a ticket for it on the Airflow Jira or starting a thread on the Airflow mailing list to gather more input. (After all, maybe this is a common enough scenario that we should consider officially supporting it.)

One hack you can do in the mean time is to let all of the backfills get created, marking each one as failed manually/programmatically depending on how many you have. Then, re-run the failed DAG runs from newest first instead of the normal oldest first. This isn't as easy as a built-in feature, but I've used it as a workaround under similar circumstances.

One hack to trigger "auto failed DAG runs" is to add a line that raises an exception as the first line of your first task in the DAG, then remove that line after all of the backfill DAG runs have been created.

Installing and Configuring Apache Airflow - Home, Recently there were some updates to the dependencies of Airflow where if you To get around this issue, install an older version of celery using pip: Backfill will respect your dependencies, emit logs into files and talk to the database Pingback: Airflow SequentialExecutor Installation manual and basic� The sill plate was just put on March 21, 2009. Backfill was done up to about 7 feet of the approx 9' wall in most places around the house on March 16 th after the ICF concrete wall was poured on March 9 th. It was a cold 1 week of concrete setting before backfill. We do not use drain systems for the outside of the walls here (dry subsoil), but

There is a feature request that is marked as resolved.

From the ticket details, it looks like this will be available from Airflow 1.10.3. As of this writing it has yet to be released, but presumably will be shortly.

The usage is indicated in the ticket comments:

Create backfill dagrun in reversed by setting backfill_dagrun_order_reverse = True under scheduler section

Apache Airflow at Pandora. Big data pipelines don't run…, As new teams add new pipelines, they generally want to build off the output of with basic maintenance tasks like clearing out logs older than a certain limit. Manual, Backfill, and Scheduled runs are all treated differently. Learn how to remove and replace the airflow assembly for the HP PageWide Pro 750/755 and HP PageWide Pro MFP 772/775 Series. Most Recent. Most Recent. Oldest First.

Airflow Tips, Tricks & Pitfalls, However, it comes with some challenges that new users should be aware of. Caserta airflow backfill DAG -s DATE -e : The date passed is both the start and end date. Manual vs Scheduled Runs in Apache Airflow. Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows. Use airflow to author workflows as directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) of tasks. The airflow scheduler executes your tasks on an array of workers while following the specified dependencies. Rich command line utilities make performing complex surgeries on DAGs a snap.

Managing Uber's Data Workflows at Scale, Up until a few years ago, teams at Uber used multiple data workflow systems, burdens to keep it running, troubleshoot issues, fix bugs, and educate users. The Airflow-based DSL provided the best trade-off of flexibility, As the new scheduler comes online, a set of workflows is Top, Newest, Oldest. Learn to remove and replace the airflow repair kit on the HP PageWide Enterprise 765 and HP PageWide Enterprise MFP 780/785 Series. Most Recent. Oldest First.

airflow, A continuaci�n, puede duplicar el mismo DAG, cambiarle el nombre, y establecer unas fechas de inicio y fin. fecha / hora antes de la fecha de ejecuci�n se establece para la ejecuci�n DAG manual. airflow backfill --run_backwards dag_id. Because Splunk begins with the most recent event and the fact that the devices continually connect the results are skewed. If I run the report for the last six months, a device that connected in July for the first time but has been connecting monthly will be counted in December when I want to count it in July and only July unless the transport

  • I'm hoping for a hands off solution: clear all runs of last week and instruct Airflow to execute any opens runs from most recent to oldest. This is not possible?
  • Not at the moment afaik.
  • I have a hard time understanding your first sentence, could you elaborate?
  • Sorry had a typo that didn't help. Basically for each DAG, the scheduler is going to determine the next DagRun based on the time of the last one. If for instance, your DAG is scheduled to run every hour, and your latest DagRun was 2018-07-01 8:00:00 the scheduler will find this latest run, add an hour to it, and create the new DagRun for 2018-07-01 9:00:00. So if you were to manually create a DagRun for 2018-07-20 00:00:00, it should schedule the next DagRun to be 2018-07-20 01:00:00, skipping all DagRuns between the latest run and second latest run.
  • Thank you very much for the update AdamAL, very helpful. When I've verified the working of this feature I'll mark your question as the answer!
  • 1.10.3b1 is now available from pip. According to the release notes, it is now possible to run backfill in reverse. Still a beta release, so be sure to check it out and report issues. :fireworks: