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I'm working on a project that has lots of different Maven projects. I've been doing a bunch of JUnit testing on these projects, and usually this goes well. I open up Eclipse, right click in package explorer->Import... Existing Maven Projects and I'm able to import the project fine. I can build, drill down to src/test/java... Right click on the file and do a Run As JUnit test. Every now and then though, I can't get this to work. If I right click to do a Run As, all I get is AspectJ/Java application. There's no JUnit tests.

I noticed that the icon next to the project folder only has an M and a folder icon, whereas with projects that do work, there's a folder, M, AND a AJ. I've also noticed that it doesn't seem to sort the files into their packages like normal Java projects. It seems like it's not treating the project as an AspectJ project. How do I get Eclipse to recognize this Maven project as a Java project?

Several of the existing answers should work, but those suggesting to add a Java facet will only work if your project already is of (or you want to convert it to) a faceted nature, and the one suggesting you change your pom.xml will only work if you then re-import your project as a maven project.

If you'd like to "fix" your existing project, i.e. add a Java nature without converting it to faceted form and without deleting and re-importing, just edit your .project file (externally, or with the Navigator view in eclipse, as it won't show up in your package explorer) and add the java builder and java nature to the existing maven builder/nature:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <!-- add this build command -->
        <!-- this would've already been there -->
        <!-- add this nature -->
        <!-- this would've already been there -->

Note the different capitalisation (javabuilder but maven2Builder, javanature but maven2Nature).

As soon as you save, it should re-build automatically. You may have to manually add any source folders (Project properties -> Java Build Path -> Source tab -> Add Folder....

Issues with maven project running in eclipse, not recognized as , I faced the same problem(after importing pom.xml to eclipse,the project is not treated as a java one,and there is only "maven project builder" in project builders � By creating a project like this you will automatically get a Java project with a correct project structure and a POM.xml. #2) Converting an Existing Project to a Maven Project If you have an existing Java project, and after learning about Maven if you want to convert it to a Maven project, then simply right click on the project in the project

Right-click on Project -> Properties -> Project Facets, then choose all facets that apply for your case (e.g. java).

Maven project not being treated as Java in Eclipse - eclipse - html, In last tutorial, you created a Java project with Maven, but that project is not able to import into Eclipse IDE, because it is not Eclipse style project� Create Maven project in Eclipse IDE. Now it is the time to see how we will create Maven project in Eclipse IDE with the help of maven-archetype-quickstart. Just follow the below the steps — Click on File menu-> New-> Maven Project. It will open a New Maven Project window and do not change any settings of it. Just click the Next button.

mvn eclipse:eclipse will create necessary .project files which will add java nature & other properties to the project

How to convert Maven based Java Project to support Eclipse IDE , Screenshot showing maven project not configured correctly (10.42 KB, image/ png) 2015-11-10 The Maven Project Build is present but not the Java Builder. Then a New Project wizard will open, type maven there and select "Checkout Maven Projects from SCM" preferably or "Maven Project". It should work. Remember this step should be performed for Maven Projects only. For normal Projects just select Java Project or whatever relevant type Eclipse project it is.

I was facing the same problem and the steps below solved it in my case:

1- Open the pom.xml of the problematic project.

2 -In the overview tab, check the Artifact/Packaging settings.

3- If it is set to "pom" change it to "jar".

4- Save your changes and then delete the project from eclipse only and re-import it.

Hope that helps!

481854 – m2e fails to set up Java Project correctly , So I have a java project which has modules and is built using Maven. need to work on that too) and it is not being resolved by eclipse either. Creating a Java web project in Eclipse with Maven support sounds simple as Eclipse has great support for Maven, but actually it doesn’t. You can create a Maven project for Java webapp by clicking menu File > New > Maven Project (you need to switch to the Java EE perspective to see this menu).

It depends on the Eclipse project facet properties (if you are using Java EE), I suggest you right click on project properties and see which facet is defined for your project.

Import modular maven project and associate with SVN repo, Apache Maven is a Software Project Management tool. Based on the Eclipse? Perform maven-clean-install to fix any Java Dependency Issue. In this article, we will show you how to create a simple maven project in Eclipse IDE. We can also create a simple maven project using the command line, check out same at Create a Simple Maven Project using Command Line.

How to fix Maven build issue in Eclipse? Perform maven-clean , Maven project not being treated as Java in Eclipse, If you'd like to "fix" your existing project, i.e. add a Java nature without converting it to faceted form and� If you created a "Java" project under Eclipse (Ctrl+N > Java Project), then right-click the project in the Package Explorer view and go to Maven > Enable Dependency Management (depending on the initial project structure, you may have modify it to match the maven's one, for example by adding src/java to the source folders on the build path).

How to convert back maven project to java web project, In the simplest sense, Maven is a project management tool with a core reputation nature (not unlike Eclipse) allows it to function as an end-to-end project MyEclipse EJB projects, MyEclipse EAR projects, and conventional Java projects . As a developer, however, you are strongly encouraged to treat the raw power of� We hope that we have created something that will make the day-to-day work of Java developers easier and generally help with the comprehension of any Java-based project. Maven’s Objectives Maven’s primary goal is to allow a developer to comprehend the complete state of a development effort in the shortest period of time.

Using Maven, Learn how to import an existing Maven project into Eclipse. Maven is a project management tool that goes beyond dependency management. How to develop a Java web application without coding JavaScript or HTML, see Vaadin quick� You must add Java Facet to the project to allow Java classes to be detected by Eclipse formatter. Then, you should check on PROJECT-PROPERTIES-PROJECT FACETS and activate the Java facet for the project: And by right-clicking on top of the PACKAGE-EXPLORER you will find the SOURCE - FORMAT option, and it will format Java files too.

  • can you figure out then what's the difference between those two projects, the one where you do get RunAsJunit and the one where you don't get it? pom.xml probably has the answer.
  • I found just deleting the .project files and re-importing the poms also fixed this - I cannot figure out how it gets into this bad state though.
  • But now all my imports and I have over 4000 build errors.
  • @demongolem: Sorry, but how are your build errors related to my answer? If you're having build problems after adding a Java nature to your project, you may want to ask a separate question.
  • @demongolem: Of course my suggestion won't fix any build issues "your imports and you" may have. (That's a completely separate problem, which is why I suggested a separate question.) What it will do is add a Java nature to a project that was previously not recognised as a Java project. Obviously once Eclipse tries to rebuild it, you may have to do other things to get it to build without errors, and obviously, if your project didn't build at all before and it does after you've added a Java nature, you'll have to resolve any build errors. My answer never pretended to resolve those for you...
  • I suggest you file a bug report with Eclipse, because this answer is essentially telling you how to work around an Eclipse bug
  • Thank you, Perfect !!
  • I have the same problem, there is no Facets in properties
  • My project (imported as a Maven project and converted to a faceted project) only have Javascript and Static Web Module options - no Java facet. Any idea why the Java facet may be missing? I'm using Oxygen.2 Release (4.7.2). Thanks.
  • It may also be necessary to perform a mvn eclipse:clean prior to the mvn eclipse:eclipse command. Finally alt+F5 and the project was back on track in my eclipse workspace
  • This answer worked well me. Also I think its the cleanest approach. thanks !
  • This is such a better answer than the top one. By adding a java facet editting the .project or with the user interface made me go through each module of the project setting up the build path. With this instead it is automatic.
  • I think this is a solution for a lot of people and other issues. Will redirect them to this answer. Thanks a lot
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