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How can I call some code upon entering a UITextView (user taps to edit it) and leaving the view (user taps to leave it)?

Appreciate any help.

How to detect text view begin editing and end editing in swift 3 , Asks the delegate if editing should begin in the specified text view. func textViewShouldEndEditing(UITextView) -> Bool. Asks the delegate if editing should stop� Sourav Gupta's solution partially worked for me however it had a few pitfalls, namely that it didn't correctly call the target code if the editing happened in the middle of the text body (for example: writing a bunch of text, moving the cursor to the middle and then hitting return three times) as well as handling insertion events like pasting and text correction.

You could also implement the UITextViewDidChange delegate methods. I use the code below in my app for taking quick notes. Whenever the user has entered a character, the observer catches this from the notification center and calls the saveText method.

Here's how:

Add this line to the viewDidLoad method:

[NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter addObserver:self selector:@selector(textViewDidChange:) name:UITextViewTextDidChangeNotification object:nil];

and these lines at the appropriate place in your code (like in the section that handles the text view delegate methods. TIP: Use pragma marks for this (#pragma mark - TextView Delegate Methods):

- (void)textViewDidChange:(UITextView *)textView{

    NSLog(@"textViewShouldEndEditing"); // Detect in log output if the method gets called
    [self saveText:nil]; // Call any method you like


textViewDidBeginEditing(_:), Asks the delegate if editing should stop in the specified text view. Availability. iOS 2.0 optional func textViewShouldEndEditing(_ textView: UITextView) -> Bool� 6 How to dismiss keyboard for UITextView with return key? Feb 22 '16. 2 Detect Start and Stop Editing UITextView Jun 10 '15. Badges (3) Gold

use the delegate and use:

- (void) textViewDidBeginEditing:(UITextView *) textView {
    // Your code here

textViewShouldEndEditing(_:), A common idiom for a UITextView is to "end editing when the user touches anywhere outside the text field. This property holds the text position for the beginning of the document. Gets the UIBezierPath to be used for collision detection. Doing so causes the text view object to end the current editing session (with the delegate object’s consent) and hide the keyboard. The appearance of the keyboard itself can be customized using the properties provided by the UIText Input Traits protocol. Text view objects implement this protocol and support the properties it defines.


txtViewAddress.TextColor = UIColor.LightGray;
txtViewAddress.ShouldBeginEditing += (textView) =>
 txtViewAddress.Text = "";
            txtViewAddress.TextColor = UIColor.Black;
            return true;
txtViewAddress.ShouldEndEditing += (textView) =>
            if (textView.Text == "")
                txtViewAddress.Text = " Address";
                txtViewAddress.TextColor = UIColor.LightGray;

            return true;

iOS UITextView and UITextViewDelegate, This gist just demonstrates walking through the UITextView characters. /*Grow a string around the tap until hitting a space, cr, lf, or beginning or end of� Tells the delegate that editing of the specified text view has begun. func text View Should End Editing (UIText View) -> Bool Asks the delegate if editing should stop in the specified text view.

UITextView Class (UIKit), As a simple example, just enable or disable the button based on your validation logic, and you can make sure it works. @IBAction func� I am trying to disable editing on my UITextView. I have tried [aboutStable setUserInteractionEnabled: NO], but it causes the page to not be accessible. Here is the current code.

Detect a tap on a URL inside a UITextView. Note: the rs_links , How To Detect UITextField Changes With Interface Builder. Open up your storyboard or .xib file. Then open up your ViewController.swift file in the assistant editor. UITextView has built in support to auto detect a variety of data. The data that is able to be auto-detected currently includes: Start at the beginning and move 5

How to Get UITextField Text Editing Changed Events for User Input , 如何在输入UITextView(用户点击编辑它)并留下视图(用户点击以留下它)时调用一些代码? 感谢任何帮助. Detect Start and Stop Editing UITextView. 来源: link� Below is an image of some UITextFields. Regarding the large one on the bottom, how do I get it to start text at the top left (not the middle), and how do I get them all to start a bit to the right

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  • The method signature should be - (void)textViewDidChange:(NSNotification *)notification. From the documentation: "The affected view is stored in the object parameter of the notification."
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  • It is used For Set The Placeholder Text In TextView [Xamarin IOS]