Is it possible to 'protect' a property and exclude it from select statements

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I'd like to protect certain properties on the data-layer level. For example I'd like to protect the password hash I store in the database for a user, so that it doesn't show up in arbitrary select-statements.

This way only when it's explicitly requested in a select property, property2 statement.

I think a more accurate answer would be to set select: false on column options:

@Column({ select: false })
password: string;

And explicitly select the column like this:

const user = await getRepository(User)

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TypeORM goes well with routing-controllers so you should use it, behind the scenes it uses class-transformer to serialize and deserialize your data. So you can use the @Exclude decorator from that library to prevent certain properties being sent down to the clients.

It also uses the class-validator library to validate the data when specifying it as the type in the controller functions. These are powerful toys. Here is a small example of how you can leverage both:

import { Entity, Column, PrimaryGeneratedColumn, Index, OneToMany } from "typeorm";
import { Exclude, Expose } from "class-transformer";
import { IsNotEmpty, IsEmail, MinLength, MaxLength, Min, Max, IsNumber, IsString } from "class-validator";

export class User extends BaseEntity {

  id: number;

  @Index({ unique: true })
  email: string;

  passwordHash: string;

  firstName: string;

  lastName: string;

  @Column({ type: 'integer', default: Gender.NotSpecified })
  gender: Gender;

  get admin() {
    return this.role == Role.Admin;

  get stylist() {
    return this.role == Role.Stylist;

If you use an another server-side library you can still take advantage of class-transformer and class-validator. You just need to call the validate function manually in your routes, for example for restify you can write:

import {validate } from "class-validator";
import {plainToClass} from "class-transformer";
// ... more code'/hello', function create(req, res, next) {
   let bodyJSON = parseBodyTheWayYouWant(req.body);
   let post = plainToClass(bodyJSON);
   return next();

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You can use delete

Exemple Find All users

async findUsers(){
   const users:User[] = await userRepository.find();

    return => { 
        delete user.password;
        delete user.salt;
        return user;
    }) ;

Exemple Find User By Id

async findUserById(id){
   const user:User = await userRepository.findOne(id);
   delete user.password;
   return user;

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Here is solution - The simplest solution is to exclude field(s) during query.

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  • This is the correct answer to the question. Here is a link to the docs: hidden-columns. Nonetheless the accepted answer is a valid solution.
  • This looks promising. But this is a non-documented feature right now, correct? At least not documented in TypeORM
  • I totally miss read your question. I have updated my answer to clarify this is the part or routing-conrollers which you really should use btw. Awesome product, and two goes well. (Take a look at typedi as well.)
  • Too bad I'm using restifyjs and not Koa or Expressjs
  • updated my answer with how to use it with different enviroments