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I have a table as follows

create table t (
  invoice_no int,
  serial_no text,
  price decimal(10,2));

insert into t values
(1001, 'XYZ123', 20),
(1002, 'XYZ123', 20),
(1003, 'XYZ456', 24),
(1004, 'XYZ456', 24),
(1005, 'ABC109', 15),
(1006, 'BGF108', 15),
(1006, 'ABC107', 10),
(1006, 'ABC104', 10);

An invoice can have multiple serial numbers. (i.e. A bill with multiple products on it)

I need to find the invoices where serial numbers appear in more than one invoice. Then I need to find out those invoices and serial numbers. Otherwise I need the query to return zero records.

You can use EXISTS :

FROM table t
WHERE EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM table t1 WHERE t1.serial_no = t.serial_no AND t1.Invoice_no <> t.Invoice_no);

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You can try this

select serial_no
from tablename
group by serial_no
having count(*)>1

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if same serial numbers are appeared in multiple invoices then i need to find out those invoices and serial numbers.

You can do this with group by and array_agg():

select serial_no, array_agg(invoice_no)
from t
group by serial_no
having count(*) >= 2;

If you want the actual rows, then you can use exists (as suggested by Yogesh).

Highlighting duplicate data based on two conditions — Smartsheet , Highlighting duplicate data based on two conditions I have this fear for formulas because i never get them right. Just when I was giving up, I just changed the cell back to checkbox; saw no error message; entered a duplicate row. And this The formula should have flagged both rows based on the logic. Filter Rows based on Value/Condition and Then Delete it. One of the fastest ways to delete rows that contain a specific value or fulfill a given condition is to filter these. Once you have the filtered data, you can delete all these rows (while the remaining rows remain intact).

To find duplicate serial numbers, use count and group by

select serial_no
from t
group by serial_no
having count(*) >= 2

and to get the invoices with corresponding serial numbers

select invoice_no, serial_no
from t
where serial_no in (select serial_no
                    from t
                    group by serial_no
                    having count(*) >= 2);

See Sqlfiddle

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use STRING_AGG() analytic function

select serial_no, STRING_AGG(invoice_no)
from t
group by serial_no
having count(*) >1;

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Solved: Is there a way to conditionally delete duplicates based on , In the aggregation, you select Row number in the top "compute rank" part; In the post-filter, you add a filter to Keep only the rows that satisfies the condition rownumber == 1 I'll give this a try later today started/dss-concepts/universes-and-concepts.html ) (e.g. to build a model, make charts, etc.)� The find duplicate values in on one column of a table, you use follow these steps: First, use the GROUP BY clause to group all rows by the target column, which is the column that you want to check duplicate. Then, use the COUNT() function in the HAVING clause to check if any group have more than 1 element. These groups are duplicate.