How to get a and b value from a text like axb?

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I am facing a problem with how to get a specific string value from a text. For example: for a given string

"400X500 abc"

How can I get some string from that text like:

string width = "400"
string height = "500"

Thank you so much for your help.

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Cherry Truong

You can try regular expressions in order to extract numbers

 using System.Text.RegularExpressions;


 string source = "400X500 abc";

 string[] numbers = Regex
   .Matches(source, "[0-9]+") 
   .Select(match => match.Value)

 string width = numbers.ElementAtOrDefault(0) ?? "";
 string height = numbers.ElementAtOrDefault(1) ?? "";

Or (if you want to be sure that X delimiter is present)

  Match match = Regex
    .Match(source, @"([0-9]+)\s*X\s*([0-9]+)", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);

  string width = match.Success ? match.Groups[1].Value : "";
  string height = match.Success ? match.Groups[2].Value : "";

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You can try something like this:

string data = "400X500 abc";
string[] splitData = data.TrimEnd('a', 'b', 'c').Trim().Split('X');
string width = splitData[0] ?? string.Empty;
string height = splitData[1] ?? string.Empty;

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If you can assume that it will always be in that format, you can do something like this:

string raw = "400X500";
string width = raw.Substring(0, raw.IndexOf("X"));
string height = raw.Substring(raw.IndexOf("X") + 1);

Now width="400" and height=500.

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Assuming the text is always going to be in the format "100X200 aabdsafgds", then a working solution would look something like:

var value = "100X200 aabdsafgds";
var splitValues = value.Split(new[] { 'X', ' ' }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
var value1 = splitValues[0];
var value2 = splitValues[1];

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I assume the input string is always in the same format.

"heightXwidth abc"

var value = "400X500 abc";

var vals = value.Trim().Split('X');

var height = new string(vals[0] == null ? "0".ToArray() : vals[0].Where(char.IsDigit).ToArray());
var width = new string(vals[1] == null ? "0".ToArray() : vals[1].Where(char.IsDigit).ToArray());

I'm sure you could adjust as needed.


I adjusted the code to avoid the issues as pointed out in the comments and ensure you only get the numbers from the string

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  • You need to provide more details, some example code showing what you're trying to do because it's not clear.
  • Whats is abc in 400X500 abc?
  • is the string in the same format all the time?
  • He probably want to split the string by "X" as delimiter. Shouldn't this question be closed as there is no search effort?
  • abc mean random text or some description for the specific type of structural beam in my case. For example : "400x500mm" . So I want to get specific string of width and height value of the structural beam from it label.
  • Thank you so much for the sharing code. It worked beautiful for me.
  • No, in that case you would need to use regex like Dmitry showed.
  • yes, but in the original case it says the string is formatted as "400x500 abc", resulting in the not so different endresult of var height = value.Split(' ')[0].Split('x')[0]; var width = value.Split(' ')[0].Split('x')[1];
  • In this case, vala[1] would also contain the postfix abc.