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I have an UIButton and I changed its title to attributed.

Now that the title is attributed I need to keep the font - "System font".

Unfortunately I can't find system font because when I made the UIButton title to attributed, I can't get this menu anymore:

Instead I only get this menu:

and here, in the larger menu, I can't find system font.

where is the system font in the menu or how can I add system font via interface builder when using UIButton attributed title?

Please don't suggest thing like "Adding a label with _______ under the UIButton" or "UIImageView with the text".

The current iOS system font is "San Francisco"

You can use it via:

UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: CGFloat, weight: UIFontWeight)

You can also download the fonts via a link on this page:

setAttributedTitle:forState:, If you set both a title and an attributed title for the button, the button prefers the for UIControlStateNormal is not set, then the property defaults to a system value. In iOS, can we set a UIButton and get its width, or must be set its width and then set its content? It seems that we can [someString sizeWithFont:someFont].width to get a width, and then make it the button's width (by setting its frame) and then set that title and font.

There is a simpler way to do this without the storyboard.

Checkout this sample code:

class VC: UIViewController{

    @IBOutlet weak var button: UIButton! //button outlet

    override func viewDidLoad() {
        // Initialization code
        ///here we are defining the attributes for the button title...

        let textAttribute: [NSAttributedStringKey : Any] = [.foregroundColor:, .font: UIFont.systemFont(ofSize: 14)]

        self.button.setAttributedTitle(NSAttributedString(string: "Button", attributes: textAttribute), for: .selected)

titleLabel, titleLabel.font = [UIFont systemFontOfSize: 12]; button.titleLabel. The value of the property is nil for system buttons. func setAttributedTitle(NSAttributedString ?, for: UIControl.State). Sets the styled title to use for the specified state. This should change the font to blue 15 point Georgia given the attributed string we have. Build and run. We do get blue, but no font change. You can change many attributes of a string. You cannot change the font in attributed text for picker views. Using UIViews to Format the Picker

From storyboard, changing attributed text back to system font can be frustrating.

Solution 1: redo it

Well, if the attributed text is simple enough, I could advise this:

  1. switch it to plain text:
  2. set the font back to system
  3. switch it back to attributed text
  4. re-apply the desired formatting
Solution 2: edit the XML

If the attributed string is complex, you may want to go carefully:

  1. switch to the Version Editor (or open the storyboard with an external editor like BBEdit or Sublime Text) to edit the XML source of the storyboard
  2. find the guilty font, like:

    <font key="NSFont" size="17" name="ComicSansMS"/>
  3. replace with a meta font, like:

    <font key="NSFont" metaFont="system" size="17"/>
  4. return to the Standard Editor

Note that I rarely use attributed strings from storyboard because it can't support translations. So in general, you'll use the storyboard with some lorem ipsum, and set the adequate NSAttributedString from code.

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  • Family is system font only in that pic. scroll it, select your font, you will get typeface also as regular and all.
  • SF mono? there is no "San Francisco"
  • Not sure what your question is... Are you looking for "SF Mono"? Or are you looking for the default iOS System Font?
  • You said "The current iOS system font is "San Francisco"" but there is no "San Francisco" font on the list. there is only "SF mono" - did you mean "SF mono" is the System font?
  • "San Francisco" is the "Name" of the font, but like many fonts, the Name is not necessarily what is displayed in a font list, nor is it what you use to identify the font if you've added it to your project. If you read the page I linked to, you would have seen that iOS uses SF Pro Text for text 19 points or smaller, SF Pro Display for text 20 points or larger. "SF Mono" is used by OSX for various things (such as Terminal) for Mono-Spaced fonts. So... do you need the Mono-Spaced version?