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I am trying to host my web app through Tomcat. I am using the Spring framework and have Tomcat set up. I have converted it to a Maven project and one a Maven file and moved the war file to correct webapps folder in the Tomcat installation folder. When I try to run, it gives the me the error:

Server Tomcat v7.0 Server at localhost was unable to start within 45 seconds. If the server requires more time, try increasing the timeout in the server editor.

In the console, I see that it gets stuck on

Building JPA container EntityManagerFactory for persistence unit 'default'

I am using an MySQL database and in the MySQL workbench it says the server is running. I am really confused as to why this is happening. I have even tried the following:

Click on Window > Show view > Server OR right click on the server in "Servers" view, select "Properties".
In the "General" panel, click on the "Switch Location" button.
The "Location: [workspace metadata]" should replace by something else.
Open the Overview screen for the server by double clicking it.
In the Server locations tab , select "Use Tomcat location".
Save the configurations and restart the Server.

Can someone tell me why this is happening? Thanks for any help

the server requires more time to start but the default start time limit is 45 seconds .

All you have to do is open the servers tab, right click on your server and click open , a menu will be opened in your editor , open submenu Timeouts and change the value of Start (in seconds) to a higher value for example 300 seconds. and start your server again.

Tomcat Server Failed to Start From Eclipse, I had the same problem i.e. no errors in any of the logs, and the server started fine when launched from the command line using Which is obviously not possible, as the ports will be in use. Issue typically arises from either Eclipse or Tomcat process crash or being stuck. This is how you can go about fixing the issue: 1. Go to server tab and double click on the TomCat server, configuration file for Tomcat will open and look like this: 2.

  1. Open the Servers Tab from Windows>Show View>Servers menu.

  2. Right click on the server and delete it.

  3. Create a new server by going New>Server on Server Tab.

  4. Click on "Configure runtime environments…" link.

  5. Select the Apache Tomcat v7.0 server and remove it. This will remove the Tomcat server configuration. This is where many people do mistake – they remove the server but do not remove the Runtime environment.

  6. Click on OK and exit the screen above now.

  7. From the screen below, choose Apache Tomcat v7.0 server and click on next button.

  8. Browse to Tomcat Installation Directory.

  9. Click on Next and choose which project you would like to deploy.

  10. Click on Finish after Adding your project.

  11. Now launch your server. This will fix your Server timeout or any issues with old server configuration. This solution can also be used to fix "port update not being taking place" issues.

Source: Fix Tomcat

Tomcat not starting from eclipse, Dont forget to hit like and subscribe.Duration: 2:16 Posted: Aug 1, 2017 Most of the time, this means that Tomcat is already running in the background and Eclipse is trying to open it again on the same ports. This is obviously not possible, as the ports will be in use.

In my case, the problem came from an impossible loopback on localhost.

Tomcat effectively started (I could call "http://localhost:8080/myApp"), but Eclipse didn't get a response of that and it considered Tomcat keep on starting.

A software called ZScaler (set by admin to protect the enterprise) on Windows 10 put loopback restrictions. Fortunately, an option existed to disable loopback restrictions on ZScaler.

A VPN may cause the same restrictions.

If you don't find which application cause the trouble, you can change "Host name" in Eclipse's Tomcat General Informations, from "localhost" to "yourIP" (ex :, BUT this trick won't allow DEBUG MODE.

Fixing Apache Tomcat not starting in Eclipse IDE, If you do not have Apache Tomcat on your machine, you will first need to download and unzip Apache Tomcat. Start the Eclipse workbench. Open� Eclipse versions older than Eclipse Luna 4.4 does not support Tomcat 8 by default. For this tutorial I have used Eclipse Mars 2 for Java EE developers. 1. In Eclipse for Java EE go to Window -> Preferences in Windows OS (or Eclipse -> Preferences on Mac) 2. Go to Server and click Runtime Environments. 3. Click the “Add….” button. 4. In

Eclipse: How to Fix Installation of Apache Tomcat Server Issue , Generally this error indicates that there is some issue with Tomcat Server configuration in Eclipse. Best way to fix this would be to completely� Though Eclipse has great support for working with Tomcat, it does not include this server in its installation package, so we have to add Tomcat manually. In this article, we describe the steps to bring Tomcat to Eclipse IDE. Basically, there are two ways to add an installation of Tomcat in Eclipse:

How to fix Eclipse Tomcat not starting in 45 seconds, Hi, I'm trying to configure the Tomcat Sever with Java Eclipse EE, and I don't understand why it the stop button is grayed out, and under the servers tab, the server and TomcatTest module both say So what is the problem? But If the server in running inside the eclipse then I must be able to connect to default tomcat homepage outside the eclipse, that is what I am not able to connect. – komal Feb 18 '10 at 8:43 The server is running in Eclipse but the default page (which is actually an application called ROOT.war) is not deployed in the configuration that

Tomcat server is having trouble starting, I'm trying to start tomcat server 6.0.32 (NOT MY APP) from eclipse but it fails with error "Server Apache Tomcat v6.0.32 at localhost failed to start". But when I'm� Eclipse : Starting tomcat server from eclipse , does not start the deployed wars; Where does Eclipse deploy web applications using WTP? "SetPropertiesRule" warning message when starting Tomcat from Eclipse; Setting property 'source' to 'org.eclipse.jst.jee.server:JSFTut' did not find a matching property; but nothing helped

  • did you save the file before restarting tomcat ? is 45s in the log?
  • Yeah I saved it. I believe the log is with 45s but I tried putting 400s and still didnt