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I am trying to add a dropdown dynamically. No errors except that I don't see the dropdown Here's the code:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        DropDownList ddlPercent = new DropDownList();
        ddlPercent .ID = "ddlDiscountPercent";
        ddlPercent .AutoPostBack = true;
        Panel1.Controls.Add(ddlPercent );
        ddlPercent .ID = "ddlPercent " + 1;
        ddlPercent .Items.Add(new ListItem("5", "5%"));
        ddlPercent .Items.Add(new ListItem("10", "10%"));
        ddlPercent .Items.Add(new ListItem("15", "15%"));
        ddlPercent .Items.Add(new ListItem("20", "20%"));
        ddlPercent .Items.Add(new ListItem("30", "30%"));
        ddlPercent .Items.Add(new ListItem("50", "50%"));

        ddlPercent.SelectedIndexChanged += 
                  new EventHandler(ddlPercent_SelectedIndexChanged);

        ContentPlaceHolder cph = 
        cph.Controls.Add(ddlPercent );
        // ddlPercent.SelectedIndex =(Int32) ViewState["ddl_index"];

protected void ddlPercent_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
     DropDownList ComboBox=(DropDownList)sender;
     ViewState["ddl_index"] = ComboBox.SelectedValue;        

The problem may be if you are not adding the control to the page early enough. Controls need to be added early in the page lifecycle to get their events tied in.

You're doing it in the Load event, which is too late. Try adding it during the Init event or overriding the CreateChildControls method.

And also make sure you do this on EVERY page request including postbacks.

Hope this works for you.

Dynamically add drop down list, Replace createElement('input') with createElement('select') and then create additional option elements the same way: var opt1 = document. Hello XIII . The link that u've given to me is not about how to adding the item in DropDownList through AddRange Methode. The link that u have given to me is usefull with List box control, and one more thing that code uses a for loop but if i have only two items and i want to add that items through AddRange methode in DropDownList.

It seems like because of the IsPostBack condition this code will only run if there page is reposted or have an event triggered.

Dynamically adding a DropDownList, The problem may be if you are not adding the control to the page early enough. Controls need to be added early in the page lifecycle to get� As you will notice I am creating a new DropDownList and adding Items to it. Once done that I am attaching SelectedIndexChanged Event Handler and setting the AutoPostBack property to true. Finally I am adding it to the panel pnlDropDownList. The SelectedIndexChanged Event Handler is given below. C#

  1. move that code to OnInit (Page_Init)
  2. remove if(Ispostback) check when adding controls to control tree. Almost never you need to mind the postback state when adding controls dynamically.

Dynamically adding options to an HTML drop-down : OL™ Learn, In this How-To we'll explore how to dynamically add new options to an HTML drop-down, or in other words, how to add new <option> elements to a <select> . Download source code for Dynamically adding an item in a DropDownList Control. Introduction In this article, i am going to show the different ways of dynamic addition of an item in a DropDownList control.

Dynamically adding items in DropDownList, Hi, I wanna ask a question about dropdownlist control in ASP.NET 2.0, I've a Dropdownlist (d1) and i want add 5 items in dropdownlist on the� Now check the below sample code snippet to bind asp.net dropdown list from code-behind. Bind Asp.net DropDownList Dynamically In C# – [.cs] Now add the following namespace that is required to connect with sql server:

Dynamically Add Row with DropDownList using JavaScript, Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example, how to dynamically add Row with DropDownList (HTML SELECT) using� Its just filling an empty DropDownList with some values in it. Recommended: Programmatically Create and Add DropDownList to a GridView Control in Asp.Net - C# and VB. Along with adding items to the list, we’ll also see how to check for duplicates using a code behind procedure, before actually adding the value to the list.

Dynamically Add Row with DropDownList using jQuery, Here Mudassar Ahmed Khan has explained with an example, how to dynamically add Row with DropDownList (HTML SELECT) using jQuery. A method that returns an ArrayList. Basically this method contains the dummy data for populating the DropDownList. FillDropDownList(DropDownList ddl) A method that fills the DropDownList with the dummy data. SetInitialRow() A method that binds the GridView on initial load with a single row of data.

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