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I do already have SCSS variables defined in src/styles/settings/_variables.scss and I am importing them into src/styles.scss, but still these variables aren't available for every single component.

Is there any way to make a global file which holds all SCSS variables for the rest of my components? Because writing @import in every single component .scss file it is very frustrating, especially if I have many nested components.

I know, there is a lot of similar questions, but it seems like they're all outdated and do not relate to the recent versions of Angular.

I use Angular 7.3 with CLI.

You just need to add a little more config, so where you are declaring your global variables, you need to wrap it up in :root{}. So in src/styles/settings/_variables.scss.

--blue: #00b; // or any global you wish to share with components 

Then when you use them in the SCSS you will need to access them like so.

.example-class {
  background-color: var(--blue)

To add to this regarding comments, this method can use mixins, @media and keyframes and is not limited to just colours / font. That was an example.

From my understanding you need a global file src/assets/style/global and then to import each scss file into there where you are defining them like so.

@import 'filename';

If you dont want global variables to be used in within a component look when you have the globals working. Look into ViewEncapsulation, as this can be used to ignore them.

This is how a current project I am in works with global variables and it seems to work well. This will remove the need to import the variables in every scss file you are using.Comment if you have any troubles, BR.

Is there some way to make SASS/SCSS variables accessible without , As of now answer to your question is 'NO'. We have to import variables & mixins files in each of your component sass file. angular-cli does� I use Angular2 and angular-cli in my project. I defined some Sass variables in the global style.scss file. How can I access these variables from my custom components (from component.scss)? Мaybe I have to import the separate file with these variables in each component.scss file.

Is there any ways to make global file with scss variables available for all components?

Without importing global file everytime in each component, you want those sass variables been available, it's not possible.

The way it works in SASS, if using partials to better organize code, you can apply @import directive for referencing. So if there're some sass variables in shared/_variables.scss:

$lightslategray: #778899;
$darkgray: #A9A9A9;

and these variables need to be used in another stylesheet, stylesheet with them must be @import-ed into it firstly:

// Shared
@import "shared/variables";

.content {
  background: $lightslategray;

In Angular it works in a similar way (related referencing external stylesheet). So if you need some sass variables, mixins or functions to be used by a particular component.scss, there is no other clean way, but to reference them in that component.scss using @import directive. To ease the task, you can create a file src/_variables.scss and use syntax like this in your component.scss:

@import "~variables.scss";

Angular-cli and Global SASS Variables | by Netanel Basal, Without importing global file everytime in each component, you want those sass variables been available, it's not possible. The way it works in SASS, if using� Each components has it own stylesheet (css, scss, less, etc). It's quite often that you might need to include global styling files (especially variables file) in your component. We've talked on this a bit in our other Angular styles article: Using Sass with the Angular CLI. Let's explore another option for importing style files:

In angular 8 work for me.

In your _variable.scss file you have to add:


After that go in your angular.json and add this in "styles":


Using global scss variables in my components styles. � Issue #1253 , The difference now when working with angular-cli and webpack, is that you… If you have to import it every time, then it's not “GLOBAL” anymore… The solution is to import the variables file where you need to use it. shit especially when you have nested components, but you have a solution for this. Using @import “~variables.scss”; is great if your scss is inside of a folder within node_modules (unmodifiable). Adding scss paths into angular.cli.json is required if you want "simple" imports for scss that are defined in your project. Without adding the appropriate scss path(s) into angular.cli.json you will have to do relative path imports.

Can't access Sass Global Variables in components scss � Issue , angular-cli: 1.0.0-beta.6 node: 6.2.1 os: darwin x64 Hi I have bootstrap So, I depend on these variables on every component.scss I write. Is there a way to use sass variables globally without the need to manually import in� Importing Sass Files Into Angular Components. We have new _variables.scss and _mixins.scss files that we will probably want to use in our components. In other projects, you may be used to having access to your Sass variables in all locations since your Sass is compiled by a task runner. In the Angular CLI, all components are self-contained and

Sass and CSS Import Performance in Angular, How can I add global scss ? joaogarin/angular-electron#70 If you import the variables file where you need it each component will have it's� If you worked with a tool like SASS you probably used to have a global file with all your variables, like colors, fonts, etc. The difference now when working with angular-cli and webpack, is that you…

How can I define global SCSS variables that are accessible to , The Angular CLI supports Sass, CSS and Less to style global application styles Angular components styles have a useful CSS encapsulation Well, it comes back to our specific feature component importing the _buttons.scss . Without tree shaking this means any unused style from an imported Sass or� Global variables are very useful, especially when used in conjunction with structural directives. Here we can see how this can be done. 1. Create a typescript file that initializes the global variable global.service.ts. import { Injectable } from '@angular/core'; @Injectable() export class GlobalService { isDashBoardView: boolean = false; }

  • I am using same way but do you know how to use defined variable in css like box-shadow ?
  • Yes, native css variables is pretty good already, but this is not only about colors and font-size, but some mixins and functions also.
  • try removing the root:{} if you have no luck with the above edit.
  • wow this worked. Where is this in the sass documentation? Wonder what are its implications...
  • so if i were to use this variable in my @mixin within the same global scss file wrapped in :root {} how would that work? will this be recognized by all the other components like it recognized the variable?