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I tried to create a little password cracker just for myself. The problem is that the program always tells me: Password not found! I use a text file with just one word in a line!

pw = "password"

# The password in the list is "password"

pwlist = open('passwordlist.txt', 'r')
words = pwlist.readlines()
found = False

for password in words:
    if str(password) == pw:
        found = True

if found == True:
   print("password found!")
   print("Password not found!")

The method readlines() doesn't strip trailing carriage returns from the lines. Try

if password.strip() == pw: 

How to use grep to search for strings in files on the shell, grep -c 'word' /path/to/file the number of the line in the text file from which it was obtained (as shown below):. Line no 1 simply asked user to feed any word from the keyboard, the second line is responsible to open your text file in text mode. line no 3 is the most important line, first of all, we are reading the content of the whole file and then using split() function converted the content of that whole file in a LIST.

This code looks like it should be working okay... can you confirm the word in the .txt file is indeed "password" (spelled the same way, no extra characters/blank spaces, etc.) ?

Find specific word in text file and count it, public int countWord(String word, File file) { int count = 0; Scanner scanner = new Scanner(file); while (scanner.hasNextLine()) { String nextToken� Microsoft Word includes a search function that makes it easy to search for different elements in a document, including text. Use the basic tool to look for instances of a specific word, or the advanced options to perform tasks such as replace all instances of a word with another one or search for equations.

The readline() method picks up the newline character at the end of each line \n (new line escape sequence).

You'll notice that if you open your text file it is actually two lines, the second line just has length 0.

So to make this work, you'll need to replace:

words = pwlist.readlines()

With this:

words = [line.rstrip('\n') for line in pwlist]

Finding Text Within Files, -A x or -B x (where x is a number) --- display “x” lines After or Before the section where the particular word is found. -r or rgrep --- search for text within files� If you want to find specific text in files, in a command line output or elsewhere, you may use the findstr command on Windows to do so. Findstr is a built-in tool of the Windows operating system that you may run from the command line to find text in files or in command line outputs.

Use Notepad++ to find text in all files of a folder, Find out how to use the text editor Notepad++ on machines running Windows to find text in all files of a folder that you select. You may also enable match whole word or match case options, or switch from a normal search� If you don’t find file type you’re looking for on the list, it means no app is set as the default handler for that file type. To add the file type, type the extension in the “Add New Extension to List” box and then click the “Add” button.

How to Search for Text Inside of Any File Using Windows Search, Many of us rely on Windows Search to find files and launch programs, but searching for text within files is limited to specific file types by default. This opens Word’s Find and Replace window. In the “Find What” box, type the word or phrase you want to locate. If you only want to find text in your document, you can go ahead and click the “Find Next” button to have Word jump to the next occurrence of that word. Keep clicking it to browse through all the results.

How to use grep command in UNIX / Linux {With Examples}, A line in a text file is a sequence of characters until a line break is To search for the word phoenix in all files in the current directory, append� I want to display a line containing the word that i am looking for. I have been able to search for the word in my text file but my goal is that if the word is found in the text file then it should display the entire line containing the word.

  • Have you tried any debugging? Do you know what each password actually contains? Also note you can just use if found:.
  • Your script works for me. Show content of passwordlist.txt and check for case sensitivity.
  • That works! Thank you very much! I knew that it must have been an error like this one but I wasn't able to see that...