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I'm currently building an app for a band that would like to provide bonus content for people with a spotify premium account.

Does the Spotify api currently provide a way to authenticate and get user info, eg. their account status (free/premium)?

From Spotify WebAPI

The Web API may be used to explore Spotify’s music catalogue. 
Please refer to the following instructions.


These are the available services.


So the answer is: NO, you cannot. Please contact them for further info.

Authorization Guide, For information about User Authentication, see User Authentication with Implicit grant flow is for clients that are implemented entirely using JavaScript and� For information about User Authentication, see User Authentication with OAuth 2.0. Calls to the Spotify Web API require authorization by your application user. To get that authorization, your application generates a call to the Spotify Accounts Service /authorize endpoint, passing along a list of the scopes for which access permission is sought.

What Snake Eyes answered is correct. With the Spotify Web API, you can not get that information.

However, since you said you are writing an app and you mention javascript, I am guessing you are using the Spotify Apps API documented here:

Sorry, you still can't get that information, but if you could, it would be probably an attribute of models~Session:

Creating a Simple Spotify Authorization Popup in Javascript, How to build a simple Spotify authentication popup flow in Javascript. Codepen included. Spotify Authentication in javascript? Ask Question Asked 7 years, 4 months ago. Active 10 months ago. Viewed 617 times 0. I'm currently building an app for a band

I know the question is marked as solved, but things have changed with time:

New session Class from 1.0 API now gives this information:

The "product" properties gives

The currently logged in user's account product, e.g., "premium"/"daypass"/"free".

JMPerez/spotify-web-api-js: A client-side JS wrapper for the , A client-side JS wrapper for the Spotify Web API. Contribute to JMPerez/spotify- web-api-js development by creating an account on GitHub. An spotify wrapper for JavaScript. Contribute to aligoren/spotify-js development by creating an account on GitHub.

As an update for anybody looking at this post in 2019:

You can now retrieve lots of user information about personal data for authenticated users. You can generate an auth token and use this to access private data about a user's information with their permission.

More details about Spotify's API can be found here:

JMPerez/passport-spotify: Spotify authentication strategy for , Passport strategy for authenticating with Spotify using the OAuth 2.0 API. This module lets you authenticate using Spotify in your Node.js applications. By plugging� Authentication in React Native can be a hell of a ride. Let’s try to build a React Native application and use Spotify as an authentication provider. My goal was to build an App based on the

Spotify Authentication in javascript?, From Spotify WebAPI. The Web API may be used to explore Spotify's music catalogue. Please refer to the following instructions. Services These� Through the Spotify Web API, external applications retrieve Spotify content such as album data and playlists. To access user-related data through the Web API, an application must be authorized by the user to access that particular information. In this tutorial we create a simple application using Node.js and JavaScript and demonstrate how to:

Understanding OAuth with the Spotify API - #12 React JS , We build a small backend server to handle authenticating with the Spotify API via OAuth Duration: 21:04 Posted: Jan 17, 2018 Spotify should, as a matter of good practice and safety, implement 2-step authentication. Previously, Spotify enabled the option to log out other sessions other than the current session. This would prevent hackers from stealing accounts, which would additionaly lead to less account hacks and less work for Spotify employees to assist in these cases.

Spotify Authentication with JavaScript – Ali GOREN, Spotify Authentication with JavaScript. Before you guys, you have to create a simple spotify app to get client_id on Spotify Developer portal. If you� Here we collect a list of libraries for integrating with the Spotify Web API using several programming languages and platforms. These libraries are developed by members of the community and they have not reviewed by Spotify.