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How to increment filename if the file already exists? Here's the code that I am using -

int num = 0;

String save = at.getText().toString() + ".jpg";

File file = new File(myDir, save); 

if (file.exists()) {
    save = at.getText().toString() + num +".jpg";

    file = new File(myDir, save); 

This code works but only 2 files are saved like file.jpg and file2.jpg

This problem is always initializative num = 0 so if file exists, it save file0.jpg and not check whether file0.jpg is exists ? So, To code work. You should check until available :

int num = 0;
String save = at.getText().toString() + ".jpg";
File file = new File(myDir, save);
while(file.exists()) {
    save = at.getText().toString() + (num++) +".jpg";
    file = new File(myDir, save); 

How to increment the filename if file already exists, If file already exists with the same name, the new file name should be incremented (ex:sample(1). Increment number is number which will increment by 1 each time if the file with filename already exists. For example: if a file with filename "val_03032008_1.xml" already exists in the folder, the program needs to create a file with file name "val_03032008_2.xml" and so basically loop through to get the right filename with the increment.

Try this:

File file = new File(myDir, at.getText().toString() + ".jpg"); 

for (int num = 0; file.exists(); num++) {
    file = new File(myDir, at.getText().toString() + num + ".jpg");

// Now save/use your file here

Create and increment file name if the name exists, I suggest you use String.format(String, Object) , File.exists() and something like public static void main(String[] args) { String fmt� You can check the original file name for existing. If it doesn't exist ([File Name]&"."&[File Extension]) - we can save it. If it exists - we check [File Name]&[Counter]&"."&[File Extension] and increment counter several times, until we find new file name (which doesn's exist) or our Counter becomes bigger than Max Counter. View attachment 2809

int i = 0;
String save = at.getText().toString();
String filename = save +".jpg";
File f = new File(filename);
while (f.exists()) {
    filename =save+ Integer.toString(i)+".jpg";
    f = new File(filename);

Check if File Exists / Append Number to Name, If the file name exists, returns new file name with _number appended so you don't overwrite it. function file_newname($path, $filename){ if ($pos = I have built a batch file that does 10 traceroutes to various sites and outputs the traces by creating and appending a text file. Snippet: I am looking for a way to use an "If Exists" string recursively to see what the last number was and increment the number by 1.

This function return the Exactly new file with increment number for all kind of extensions

Helpful for others..

private File getFileName(File file) {
        if (file.exists()){
            String newFileName = file.getName();
            String simpleName = file.getName().substring(0,newFileName.indexOf("."));
            String strDigit="";

            try {
                simpleName = (Integer.parseInt(simpleName)+1+"");
                File newFile = new File(file.getParent()+"/"+simpleName+getExtension(file.getName()));
                return getFileName(newFile);
            }catch (Exception e){}

            for (int i=simpleName.length()-1;i>=0;i--){
                if (!Character.isDigit(simpleName.charAt(i))){
                    strDigit = simpleName.substring(i+1);
                    simpleName = simpleName.substring(0,i+1);

            if (strDigit.length()>0){
                simpleName = simpleName+(Integer.parseInt(strDigit)+1);
            }else {

            File newFile = new File(file.getParent()+"/"+simpleName+getExtension(file.getName()));
            return getFileName(newFile);
        return file;

private String getExtension(String name) {
        return name.substring(name.lastIndexOf("."));

Add autoincrement to end of filename if previous set of files exist , If it is > 0 then the _x will autoincrement until a match isn't found. arg_proc is a string used in a function (not included) which will create the files. With reference to increment folder name link, I want to ask how to change it from creating folder to creating text file? Here's the edited version of the code: @echo off @For /F "tokens=1,2,3 del

You can avoid the code repetition of some of the answers here by using a do while loop

Here's an example using the newer NIO Path API introduced in Java 7

Path candidate = null;
int counter = 0;
do {
    candidate = Paths.get(String.format("%s-%d",
            path.toString(), ++counter));
} while (Files.exists(candidate));

Increment filename-number by the amount of files in directory .Net , GetDirectoryName(desiredFilePath), uniqueFileName) End If If Not File.Exists( uniqueFilePath) Then Try Using stream As New FileStream(uniqueFilePath,� Code tests whether a file exists in the directory or not if exist it does increment in the last index of the file name and saves The typical file name is: Three letters of month_date_lastindex.txt ie.e.g.May10_1.txt

Increment the file name if the file already exists in c# - c# - csharp, Tried the below logic in windows form for file name incremental, if the file already exists in the specified path. but the files are created with the names "New1.txt2"� You want to quickly save file.ext, but not overwrite an existing file with that name. Obviously you want to add an increment for the file name: 1, 2, 3, etc. So you end up with something like this in a folder: file.ext file (1).ext file (2).ext etc. Snippet: This is a bit sloppy in a few places, but it's good enough.

How do I create a incrementing filename in Python?, create file name in python increment filename if file exists using c# python add prefix to filename python copy file and rename how to create files dynamically in � The easy way to describe it is I need to be able to check if a file exists in a folder, if it does then create a new file with the next number up. For example if F00001.txt exists then it creates F00002.txt, i found a solution that works up to F00009.txt but when it gets to the next one it renames it to F000010 when i need it to be F00010 so it

Next Available Filename - File Exchange, Editor's Note: This file was selected as MATLAB Central Pick of the Week. Returns the next available filename or foldername, creating the name by incrementing� On downloading a file from internet and if the file already exists (file with the same name), it automatically appends an auto-incrementing number to the file name, wouldn't be it nice to have the similar feature (may be optional) with Open/Create/Replace File Function.

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