How to limit window resize for UWP App

I want to limit my App window Width to 800 px, is there any way to do so? I tried SizeChanged event by doing some logic hack but actually it's executing after the Size is changed. So there's little bit of UI throttling.

As far as I know, there is no way how to limit window size since your app could run in fullscreen mode when in table mode.

However, you can set MaxWidth and/or MaxHeight properties on any FrameworkElement, for example on a page.

I've set both the properties to 500 on the red page and you can see the result here:

[UWP]Windows 10 Universal App, HI. Im trying to make Windows 10 app. There is only an option to set height & width of page but when i resize the app window content stack in� For more info on how to use Window.SizeChanged to detect changes in the app window environment and load the appropriate visual states for your app, see Quickstart: Designing apps for different window sizes. There's another event named SizeChanged that exists on FrameworkElement derived types (Window is not a FrameworkElement type).

There is built-in support only for the minimum window size limit. For this use the ApplicationView.SetPreferredMinSize method, where you can set the preferred minimum height and width size of you window.

ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView().SetPreferredMinSize(new Size(800, 800));

You need to call it in App.xaml.cs before Window.Current.Activate();

For the maximum there is no good way. I don't know better solution than call ApplicationView.TryResizeView method in the SizeChanged event.

How to block the resizing of the application view in uwp? — Xamarin , Hello, is it possible to prevent the user in UWP from being able to modify the size of the window? Interestingly, when I start the app, its size will be different. Moreover, if I resize its window and then restart it, the app seems to remember its previous window size. Is it possible to force a UWP app to have a predefined window size, at least on desktop PCs?

In this source is example how resize view.

Make your app look great on any size screen or window (10 by 10 , With the Universal Windows Platform in Windows 10, your apps will now run on a number of device families and automatically scale across the� In this example, the smaller window stacks elements vertically. When the app translates to a larger window, elements can take advantage of the wider window width. In this example design for a photo app, the photo app repositions its content on larger screens. Resize. You can optimize for the window size by adjusting the margins and size of UI

Adaptive screen Sizing of your Windows 10 Universal Application , There are few set of API's using which you can set the initial size, max limit and few more stuff. Windows 10 App. Launching in Preferred Size. If� Windows: It’s been a long, long time since we talked about the Windows app Sizer, recently rewritten to be more compatible with Windows 10 apps. It’s almost embarrassing given the usefulness

UWP - Set app window minimum size - NET C# Examples, UWP - Set app window minimum size. MainPage.xaml. <Page x:Class=" UniversalAppTutorials. Badges are a new type of notifications that appear on supported Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps and on the Action Center button in the taskbar to notify you of any alert on a particular app

There are some UWP apps that you may need to keep in the image. Microsoft Edge is the first one people think of, but the main one that you probably actually may need is the Windows Calculator, which Microsoft saw fit to make into a UWP app. So you need to identify the apps (like Calculator) which users may well need and which are now UWP apps.

  • Limit, meaning, it'll be the maximum width?
  • That will not work, as maximum size that SetPreferredMinSize accept is 500*500