Fallback intent for ambiguous utterances in bixby

Is it possible to add fallback intent for those utterances which is not trained in my app?

I have added plenty of utterances to my app but if something user said and didn't match with any of the utterances then i want it to fallback and tell user that I am unable to find anything for you.

Right now I have 4 Intent:

GetNews GetWeather GetRecepie GetInformation

Now I have utterance "Get me sports news" for the GetNews intent and I have "I want Chinese recepie" for GetRecepie. I have added as many utterances for the all the intent as much i can but i came across one utterance that is "Get me neighbour news", Now i do not have any newsType such as neighbour but i have handle in my code if newsType is undefined then show generic news. But when I command this utterance, it fall into GetRecepie intent. All 4 of my intent's utterances are starting with different words, nothing is matching with each other, then too why it is falling for GetRecepie instead of GetNews?

What is the solution for such scenario? Is there any way I can make a fallback something so that if any utterances are confused so it should go for the fall back? Or is there any other solution?

It is just not about the normal utterance but user might command "ABCDRIKHLFJ", then how to handle that.. right now everything is falling into GetRecepie.

For a solution, I have created an action file name LetItFallback and while validating GetRecepie, I replan it and pass the goal to fallback action.

action (GetRecepie) {

    input (receipeID) {
    type (ReceipeChoiceResult)
    min (Optional)
      if(not exists(receipeID.name)){
output (RecepieResult) 

but i am getting error in simulator

Unable to attach plan from 1.0.1-myAppID.api.GetRecepie#1.0.1-myAppID.api.RecepieResultreplan intent

I am not sure what is wrong but if this solution is fine then how to resolve this error else please give me solution for the real issue.

There are a few points to explore:

  1. "User might command "ABCDRIKHLFJ" ": You should train Bixby to handle expected utterances rather than train it for unexpected inputs. If a user provides an unintended input, Bixby will request the input it needs.
  2. Your capsule may be attempting to do too much. Depending on the nature of how GetNews, GetWeather, GetRecepie, and GetInformation interact with each other, it may be possible that your capsule is simply attempting to serve too many use cases. This results in Bixby understanding the contents of an utterance incorrectly and routing utterance information to the wrong Action. I would recommend that you look through the Principles of Training found here as they explain what is required in order to ensure that Bixby can accurately understand utterances and route the correct information to the correct Actions within your capsule.

Illegal slot:Illegal binding in bixbydeprecated items in Bixby , Fallback intent for ambiguous utterances in bixbyHow to capture negative response from user in bixby. Multi tool use. Is space radiation a risk� To copy-past the NL utterance or intent, use the debugger window, please see screenshot as attached. The right side panel of simulator window is just a brief summary of each step, please use the debugger window if you need additional information like the actions taken, results returned, or in this case, the NL utterance or the aligned NL

Looks like you are overloading your capsule with very wide variety of services, recipe, news, weather and general search. Bixby capsules should have concise objective. You can split your capsule into 3 different capsules, recipe, news, weather and better not to create a generic "search" capsule. It is Bixby platform's job to "catch" any unhandled utterance and execute a fallback action.

Hope this helps.

2019 July - September, You can now add an intent key to the attribution-link . changes how Bixby applies validation conditions in order to reduce the number of ambiguous values. The intelligent assistant platform built from the ground up for developers. Come join the Bixby Developer Program.

Although I agree with the other poster that said you are probably trying to do too much with the single app, I wanted to answer you question about fallback intents because I had the same one.

In order to handle unknown inputs, what I did was create a series of dialogs that matched against the inputs that were missing. Below is one of them.

dialog (Elicitation) {  match: type  template("I didn't understand what type you were trying to say..") }

How do I configure my input-view to request the user to select an , to request the user to select an option on an ambiguous initial utterance? if no valid inputs are provided by the user's utterance, the new Action will one word utterance, Bixby may consider ALL one word utterances to be� The Bixby button is a new hardware feature that has been introduced to the Samsung s8 and s9 series. Located at the left side of the phone and below the volume button, the Bixby button can come in quite handy when you want to access the Bixby assistant.

bixby - csharp, BixBy: singular plural utterances doesn't give exact result � what is the best way to have a bixby capsule collect a phone number? Fallback intent for ambiguous� Bixby is an intelligent interface that makes interacting with your device, services and apps more seamless and instinctive. Bixby’s deep integration, contextual awareness and newly launched U.S. English voice support offer an assistant unlike any other – one that’s intelligent enough to learn your habits, and even your manner of speaking, and respond accordingly.

Your Chatbot Must Be Able To Disambiguate, Ambiguity is when we hear something which is said, which is open for more than one same issue, where the user's utterance is ambiguous and instead of the chatbot going off on one assumed intent, it could ask the user to clarify their input. Disambiguation negates to some extent the danger of fallback� Bixby is a revolutionary virtual assistant that learns, evolves, and adapts every day to fit your needs. And with an awesome AI comes awesome features. Bixby is jam-packed with tons of practical and fun features that will make using your phone easier, such as Bixby Vision, Reminders, and more.

Effects, intent { goal { viv.geo.SearchRegion } value { $expr (searchRegion. they need to unlock it to continue. flag-as-off-topic : Flag the current utterance as off-topic. no-fallback-to-result-collections, Renders nothing if no result view is specified. Bixby applies validation conditions to reduce the number of ambiguous values. Bixby didn’t recognize and understand words as reliably and it had trouble with accents ⁠— a common problem with new assistants. But what seemed to draw the ire of most users was the

  • please give me a solution.. it's been 3 days since asked.
  • What is that error in simulator talking about... How to resolve that
  • And as I said the given example is just an example, I am working on something else which is not related to this... And by saying abcdefg doesn't mean exactly abcdefg, user can say anything, literally anything, how much utterance you can add. Somewhere it needs to fallback
  • It wouldn't need a fallback Action because Bixby would ask for the required inputs. For example, if your GetNews Action has a required NewsType input and the user does not provide this input, Bixby would request the required input with some form of "I need a NewsType to continue" dialog (which you can define via dialog files and macros) without any explicit coding done on your end.
  • is there anyway i can give you my capsule and show you exactly what is happening?
  • Please reach out to the support team using the "Contact Support" option in the "Help" dropdown menu in Bixby Studio. This will create a ticket where we can discuss your use case in greater detail.
  • This is just an example, my capsule is something else and I can't make different capsule. If bixby will decide what utterance should go where then why it is falling to different intent
  • Okay, I understand your situation, thanks for clarifying that it is just an example. My answer holds true for given example. I suggest you to contact Bixby Official Support. There you can freely discuss your exact situation confidentially and confidently as that communication may come under NDA (not revealed to anyone) between you and Samsung. You may get personalized support as well. Just give it a try. All the best!