Launch Watch App into middle view

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Basically, my app is laid out in the page format and I would like it to launch into the middle of the three pages. There is no way of setting a previous page segue, so I have been trying to do it in code.

I have the main view set to the first view, and I have tried a variety of methods to segue to the middle view as soon as the app is launched.

Here is the two ways I tried:

    if segueCheck == true {
        self.pushControllerWithName("budget", context: self)
        self.presentControllerWithName("budget", context: self)
        segueCheck = false

The first presents the view, but as a completely separate view, and the second replaces the first view with the middle view.

Does anyone know how I can launch into the middle view and allow the user to swipe left and right of it?


WKInterfaceController's becomeCurrentPage() should be what you're looking for.

Let's create a new class for the center view controller, CenterPageViewController, and change its initWithContext: method as follows

import WatchKit

class CenterPageViewController: WKInterfaceController {

    override init(context: AnyObject?) {
        super.init(context: context)


Now let's set the Custom Class for the middle page in your storyboard to CenterPageViewController

and finally hit run.

You won't be able to get rid of the initial transition from the left page to the center page, but the app will finally begin on the middle page.

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Update Swift 3.0

class CenterPageViewController: WKInterfaceController {

override init (){

This will works...!!!


Customize the watch face, The Face Gallery in the Apple Watch app is the easiest way to see all of the available watch faces, New watch face screen, with a plus button in the middle. I know that the openParentApplication api in watch kit extension can open the host app in the background but not in the foreground. I also tried using openUrl() api of NSExtensionContext as below:

The new way to do this in watchOS 4 and higher is:

["Controller1" "Controller2", "Controller3"], 
 contexts: [context1, context2, context3],
 orientation: WKPageOrientation.horizontal,
 pageIndex: 1)

Now you don't get the annoying animation when using becomeCurrentPage() when you want to start with the middle page.

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If you choose Install All, the watch app counterparts for the apps on your iPhone will install. After setup, you can install apps directly on your Apple Watch with the built-in App Store in watchOS 6. watchOS 6 is compatible with Apple Watch Series 1 and later. Upgrading to watchOS 6 requires an iPhone 6s or later running iOS 13 or later.

  • Great! Thanks a lot.
  • Is there still no way to do it without animation?
  • You would want to move this into awake(withContext context: Any?).
  • What about removing the animation from the first to 2nd page? Apple's Workout app behaves exactly this way, but without the animation.
  • Do you also have to add this code to Controller1 and Controller3 with the correct pageIndex (0,2 respectively)? Or is it sufficient to just add it to the Controller2 with page index of 1?
  • I add it wherever I need it in the app. It's like on iOS where you push a view onto the UINavigationController, except in this case you can kind of set multiple pages of controllers and decide which one to show. Then when you swipe to the right, or left, your two other controllers will display.