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I came across an Android Question as follows. The result is confusing me.

SharedPreferences pref = getApplicationContext().getSharedPreferences("MyPref", 0); // 0 - for private mode
        SharedPreferences.Editor editor = pref.edit();
        editor.putString("1", "2"); // Storing string
        editor.putString("3", "4 "); // Storing string
        System.out.println("pref.getString() = " + pref.getString("2","3"));

Answer: pref.getString() = 3.

How does the shared preference prints this value ? Can someone please explain this ?

The SharedPreference object does not print anything.

The sharedPreference stores data in key-value pairs in an xml file named MyPref in your case:

getApplicationContext().getSharedPreferences("MyPref", 0);

You put the value you want to store by calling the putXX method on the editor object obtained from the pref object by calling edit() on it:

SharedPreferences.Editor editor = pref.edit();

** putXX means put[some kind of primitive data] like int float String.

When you call putString you supply a key as the first parameter and the String value in this case as the second parameter:

editor.putString("1", "2"); // Storing string
editor.putInt("myInt", 2); // Storing integer

The commit method writes the data.


The getString retrieve a string value for a key given as the first parameter and if they are no entry a default value returned which is the second parameter in this case "3":

String myValue = pref.getString("2","3")

The printing performed by calling:


Save key-value data, Android provides many ways of storing data of an application. One of this way is called Shared Preferences. Shared Preferences allow you to save and retrieve� One of the most Interesting Data Storage option Android provides its users is Shared Preferences.Shared Preferences is the way in which one can store and retrieve small amounts of primitive data as key/value pairs to a file on the device storage such as String, int, float, Boolean that make up your preferences in an XML file inside the app on the device storage.

The first argument to get...() is the shared preferences key. The second argument is the default value to return in case there's no value by that key.

Assuming no other code has put a value with key "2" in this shared preferences file, the default value of "3" is returned when calling pref.getString("2","3").

SharedPreferences, I made some videos about this as an audition for a job. They helped me get the job, and they're still available on Vimeo, so hopefully they can� Shared Preferences in Android Shared Preferences are used to store data in the form of a key-value pair. It is mostly used to save user-specific settings, user details, user login sessions, etc.

editor.putString("1", "2") - first argument is KEY, second argument is value. pref.getString("2","3") - first argument is KEY, second argument is Default value (in case if such key isn't present).

In your case you've put two strings - 2 and 4 in keys 1 and 3 accordingly. When you are trying to read string with key 2 - it is missing. So default value (3) is printed

P.s. you are using keys very similar to values - Strings containing numbers. Just put more readable keys and thing will get clearer.

Android - Shared Preferences, Shared Preferences is the way in which one can store and retrieve small Working Demo for the above app:� Write to shared preferences. To write to a shared preferences file, create a SharedPreferences.Editor by calling edit() on your SharedPreferences. Note: You can edit shared preferences in a more secure way by calling the edit() method on an EncryptedSharedPreferences object instead of on a SharedPreferences object.

Android has a page that it's very clean. Shared Preferences getString()

This method has two parameters :


The name of the preference to retrieve.


Value to return if this preference does not exist. This value may be null.

So if you have this in your SharedPreferences

editor.putString("1", "2"); // Storing string
editor.putString("3", "4 "); // Storing string

And you are doing : pref.getString("2","3")

You are looking for the SharedPreferences key with a value of "2", and if it doesn't find anything you'll get "3" as a default value.

can someone explain me how SharedPreferences works in Android , Shared preferences allow you to store small amounts of primitive data as key/ value pairs in The Android framework manages the shared preferences file itself. Shared Preferences is one of the ways to store data persistently in Android application. Here the data is stored in Key-Value pair. It is simple and easy to implement compared to other data storage options like sqlite database where we need to write lot of codes.

Android Shared Preferences Example Tutorial, SharedPreferences allows an app to store primitive data in key-value pairs. This makes Which also means that it's pretty simple to work with. That will set you up well for App Backup in Android 6.0, since you will be able to� Now we will see how to store and retrieve primitive data type key-value pairs in shared preferences file using SharedPreferences object in android application with examples. Android Shared Preferences Example. Following is the example of storing and retrieving the primitive data type values from shared preferences file using SharedPreferences.

Shared Preferences in Android with Examples, getDefaultSharedPreferences() : used on the PreferenceManager, to get the shared preferences that work in concert with Android's overall� (a). shared_preferences This is the plugin provided as a standard library for working with shared preferences. It works by wrapping NSUserDefaults(iOS) and SharedPreferences(Android) resulting in a single API that allows asynchronous data persistence.

9.1: Shared preferences � GitBook, To obtain shared preferences, use the following method In your activity: works on android 2.3+ versions; Here i have created an Helper class to use