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I am trying to customize my CATEGORIES section to show broken test as failed test in allure report.

I am using the following categories JSON file:

"name": "Product defects",
"traceRegex": ".*org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException.*",
"matchedStatuses": ["failed"]

I want all defects under Product defects category(failed tests). Can this be achieved?

I think you should not use category.json file to do that. This file only allows you to add new categories for filtering/sorting. It has nothing to do with statuses.

What you are trying to achieve (show broken test as failed test) is something different.

Tests with exceptions marks as broken � Issue #239 � allure , If test encountered any kind of exception, allure plugin ma support request => Please do not submit support request here, see note at the top of this template. failed. Otherwise test is really broken. Do you use the "Categories" in allure report? And here's test failed because of the exception within: Track testing progress. Use test results charts to track how your testing is going. Choose from a fixed set of pre-populated fields related to results. By default, a pie chart is created for each test plan. This chart is grouped by the outcome field to show the latest results for all the tests in the test plan. View this default chart from the

this might work for you. It puts all failed testcases under the category Product defects.

"name": "Product defects",
"matchedStatuses": ["failed"]

You could also try to add a category ignore.

    "name": "Product defects",
    "matchedStatuses": ["failed"]
    "name": "Ignored tests",
    "matchedStatuses": [ "skipped" ]

Allure Test Reports, The Qameta Software testing team is working on Allure - an open-source framework The overview page shows overall test execution statistics with a list of test correspond to failed tests and test defects that correspond to broken tests. Allure is an open-source framework designed to create interactive and comprehensive test report by Yandex QA Team Each time when we run automation tests, we will have test results to view details about no. of tests passed, failed and failure details etc. And few reports also include test failure screenshots.

Catch the exception and throw an exception of type AssertionError. Currently Allure display test as Fail only on AssertionError and all Exception is treated as Broken

Allure, Allure Framework is a flexible lightweight multi-language test report tool that not defect lifecycle: test failures can be divided on bugs and broken tests, also logs , If you click on the second tab called Categories- you will see your test If there are any failed tests if you click on them, you will see the failed� The defects page gives a detailed list of defects revealed during test execution. We distinguish product defects which correspond to failed tests and test defects that correspond to broken tests. The xUnit page shows statistics in terms of xUnit. You can view test statistics for each test suite and detailed information about every test case.

Test Automation Reporting with Allure in .NET Projects, Allure Reporting framework works fine with any test framework like TestNG, JUnit etc. Below example covers the implementation of Allure Reports in Selenium By looking at this, we can understand the Severity of test if Failed. Allure also shows historical data (trends) of the tests, But the right way to use� Allure Framework is a flexible lightweight multi-language test report tool that not only shows a very concise representation of what have been tested in a neat web report form, but allows everyone participating in the development process to extract maximum of useful information from everyday execution of tests.

Allure Report using Annotations, and, you will see the beautiful Allure Test Report as shown below. Dashboard. Categories. Suites. Graphs� Hi all, in my last article I explained how to integrate ExtentReports reporting framework with TestNG for shiny and beautiful test automation reports [link].In this article, I will explain you another popular test reporting framework which is developed by Yandex QA Team – Allure.

Test Automation Reporting with Allure and TestNG (2019 Update), When running the below code, Allure returns 1 passed test, 1 failed test and 1 like my allure report to show how many tests are skipped, to be able to show how failing I have tried inplementing a categories.json file to manipulate the Allure� The output report of testng will look like below if both the classes are passed: Consider the scenario in where you are intentionally failing the test case i.e. DemoB class. Then convert both the classes into testng.xml suite file and run it. Then the result will look like this. It will show the failed test cases. This is result for DemoB class: