Next Js Router.push is not a function error

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you should only use "next/router" inside the client side of your app.
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When I try to redirect using Router.push() I get the following error:

TypeError: next_router__WEBPACK_IMPORTED_MODULE_3__.Router.push is not a function

I am trying to migrate from create-react-app to next js.

const redirectUser = () => {
        if (true) {

I had to import like so:

// works
import Router from "next/router";
// dont
import { Router } from "next/router";

Router.push('/') is not working as expected � Issue #5947 � vercel , Bug report Describe the bug import React, { Component } from 'react'; import Router from 'next/router'; export default class _error extends Component� options: Object - Additional options sent by router.push; If cb returns false, the Next.js router will not handle popstate, and you'll be responsible for handling it in that case. See Disabling file-system routing. Usage

you have to take into account when you use next.js that the redirects should be in getInitialProps method in order to avoid unnecessary render components.

for example

const MyComponent = ()=>{
  return <tag> {/* ... */} </tag>
MyComponent.getInitialProps = ({res}) => {
  if (res) { 
    /* serve-side */
    res.writeHead(302, {
    Location: ''
  } else {      
   /* client-side */
  return {}

Next Js Router.push is not a function error, I had to import like so: // works import Router from "next/router"; // dont import { Router } from "next/router";. This might not be suitable for older versions as v4 had been a rewrite and is not backwards compatible. Due to this issue being the first one to come up in the a google search with the key words: Uncaught TypeError: this.context.router.push is not a function

The Router module is available only client-side

next/router, If you want to access the router object inside any function component in your Handles client-side transitions, this method is useful for cases where next/link is not enough. You don't need to use router.push for external URLs. window. location is when there's an error when changing routes, or a route load is cancelled. I also have a similar issue. <nuxt-link> is working fine, but navigation with router.push() is buggy. Most of the time the route just isn't updated, and I just get a blank page, the loading bar reaches completion but just stays there.

Routing: Shallow Routing, You can use shallow routing to change the URL without triggering a new page change Custom Error Page from 'react' import { useRouter } from 'next/router' // Current URL is '/' function Page() { const router = useRouter() useEffect(() => { // Always do navigations after the first render router.push('/?counter=10', undefined, � This seems a silly question but I'm really struggling right now to accomplish a simple router.go('/') inside store/index.js. Basically I want to change the page after I complete the authentication.

Getting Started, npm install next react react-dom You can even add dynamic route parameters with the filename. function HomePage() { return <div>Welcome to Next.js! Noticing that if I try to redirect inside getInitialProps, it&#39;ll still render the component (with no props) Here&#39;s an example: export default async function auth (ctx) { const { token } = c

Vue Router this.$router.push not working on , router.push not working next js vue-router push not redirecting vue-router push params not working vue routergo vue router redirect router.push is not a function Next.js is built around the concept of pages. A page is a React Component exported from a .js, .jsx, .ts, or .tsx file in the pages directory. Pages are associated with a route based on their file name. For example pages/about.js is mapped to /about. You can even add dynamic route parameters with the filename. Create a pages directory inside

  • Did you try import Router by: import Router from 'next/router?
  • Yes I did import