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I am trying to download Appium, but I'm seeing this screen:

On clicking any of the links, I'm not getting desired exe file. I searched for the same over site, but I've found nothing.

The link which ends with ...beta.2.exe is the one that you have to use. It's the download link for Appium Desktop windows version.

If you are looking for a more detailed guide, then please check out this link for a step by step tutorial - Download and Install Appium Desktop

Cannot start mobile testing because i cant install appium (npm , 1 : Check if Node.js is already installed. node -v. node --version. npm -v. npm --version. Step. 2 : Download and install Node.js. https://nodejs.org/en/download/ check node.js is installed by running the above commands. node -v. npm -v. where node. Step. 3 : Install APPIUM. You are reporting an issue at the Appium Desktop repository. Appium Desktop is a wrapper around Appium. If you are having trouble running tests, it is much more likely that the problem you are encountering is not a problem with Appium Desktop but with Appium.

@BhoomikaGulati , hi .

Just aside note- personally for me out of the box Appium Studio for Intellij worked like a charm.

Speaking shortly, its version of open-source Appium, that improves on Appium testing. It is a free community tool with support that comes in the form of the forum and online self-training sessions. Take a look in this step-by-step manual,

regards, Eugene

Troubleshooting, I tried to check it with appium -v and there is nothing because the installation just failed. Actually my purpose to install appium is for mobile recording with katalon� Unable to install appium desktop in windows 10( 32 bit ). #1249. Open Sha-123 opened this issue Feb 21, 2020 · 4 comments Open Unable to install appium desktop in

You can install appium using Node.js. If you have node.js or after download and install node.js you can install appium as mentioned below. Open command-line and use this command for specific version.

npm install -g appium@1.7.1

or install latest version as

npm install -g appium

Hope it will help.

Failed on appium installation from command 'npm install -g appium , Appium or Appium Desktop? You are reporting an issue at the Appium Desktop repository. Appium Desktop is a wrapper around Appium. Appium Desktop comes with Node runtime files, so no need to separately download and install Node. One of the powerful and main feature on Appium desktop is INSPECTOR. Inspector is the object spy in Applium (like QTP you can spy an element by clicking).

we are unable to download Appium for windows desktop. Download , Appium or Appium Desktop? You are reporting an issue at the Appium Desktop repository. Appium Desktop is a wrapper around Appium. Select the latest API level and download the emulator. Run the Emulator. Setting up the Appium Server Launch Appium.exe from the downloaded folder. Click on Android Icon and change the settings as highlighted. Click Play button. Getting the Device Name Goto Android SDK folder in command prompt. And type adb devices -l.

Unable to download Appium v1.5 for desktop � Issue #493 � appium , In this article, we will provide detailed step by step guide for Appium installation using which you will be able to download and install Appium's� Opened my Appium Desktop, here I’m just trying to connect and launch the app under test using Appium so selected the Simple mode. As we already seen Appium will start with its default Host “” and Port “4723’, I’m simply clicking on “Start Server” button

Download and Install Appium 1.7.2 (updated), And, here download Appium-mac-1.15.1.dmg and install. to be done very carefully, otherwise, you will not be able to launch the Appium app. 1) Visit the Node.JS website to download Node.JS. Scroll down a little bit to find the correct installer for your OS version. 2) The File Download dialog box appears prompting you to Save the download file. 3) Once the downloading is complete, double click the file to begin the installation of Node.JS. 4) To run the installer, click Run.

  • Thanks it worked. Actually, it's an updated version that made me confuse.