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In laravel 5.4, I'm able to retrieve fillable fields by using fillable index of model instance.

$model = new AnyClass();

The above code prints all fillable fields of AnyClass. But the same code prints null on laravel 5.6. I know I can retrieve fillable fields using $model->getFillable(). My question is what is the reason / why it is not working in laravel 5.6 but works in 5.4?

If you look at Laravel's source code you'll see the difference.

The Model class, which is extended by the application models, implements the ArrayAccess interface, which, among others, force the class to define the offsetGet method.

In Laravel 5.4 the offsetGet method looks like:

public function offsetGet($offset)
    return $this->$offset;

which means that if you call $model['fillable'], you actually call $model->offsetGet('fillable') which actually returns the fillable property of the class.

I couldn't find the Laravel 5.6 tag but I'm pretty sure it is the same code as Laravel 5.5.45. In this version the offsetGet method was changed to:

public function offsetGet($offset)
    return $this->getAttribute($offset);

which means that it actually returns the attribute if found or null otherwise.

laravel get fillable attributes Code Example, Get code examples like "laravel get fillable attributes" instantly right from your google search results with the Grepper Chrome Extension. When you have more fields in the table, the guarded will be more useful than fillable. Imagine you have a table with 30-50 fields, and you just want to exclude only 5 fields among that. By using fillable you want to specify all 30-40 fields in the array. But with guarded you just need to specify those 5 fields and results in smaller size array.

From the upgrade guide here I believe this is the answer to the question:

Model Methods & Attribute Names

To prevent accessing a model's private properties when using array access, it's no longer possible to have a model method with the same name as an attribute or property. Doing so will cause exceptions to be thrown when accessing the model's attributes via array access ($user['name']) or the data_get helper function.

How to get fillable values on created event, On creating method I must delete contactes parameter because if not, eloquent search for that column on model table and it doesn't exists. How can I temporaly� However, before doing so, you will need to specify either a fillable or guarded attribute on the model, as all Eloquent models protect against mass-assignment by default. A mass-assignment vulnerability occurs when a user passes an unexpected HTTP parameter through a request, and that parameter changes a column in your database you did not expect.

Change the property in the class to public $fillable = [ instead of protected $fillable = [

Fillable : what it exactly ?, Using models is one the best facts in Laravel, but when using a model, it has three some update to JUST the name field, will that return an error cause the fillable Or that the user have to enter each of them in inputs to get them inserted ? Fillable fields in model Laravel? Posted by: admin November 11, 2017 Leave a comment. Questions: I have around 200 fields in a table that are numbered:

Eloquent ORM - Laravel, Note: Eloquent will also assume that each table has a primary key column named id . To get started, set the fillable or guarded properties on your model. If you are new to Laravel you will definitely come across two properties in the model one is Fillable. I myself did not get the use of these properties but once I get along I understood the actual use of these properties.

Eloquent: Getting Started - Laravel, The firstOr method also accepts an array of columns to retrieve: $model You may do this using the $fillable property on the model. For example, let's make the � For example, you may want to use the Laravel encrypter to encrypt a value while it is stored in the database, and then automatically decrypt the attribute when you access it on an Eloquent model. In addition to custom accessors and mutators, Eloquent can also automatically cast date fields to Carbon instances or even cast text fields to JSON .

Laravel Mass Assignment, Guarded or Fillable?, What is Fillable? Fillable lets you specify which fields is mass-assignable in your model. Lets take the above example, you can do it by adding the� gt:field. The field under validation must be greater than the given field. The two fields must be of the same type. Strings, numerics, arrays, and files are evaluated using the same conventions as the size rule. gte:field. The field under validation must be greater than or equal to the given field. The two fields must be of the same type.