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I want to duplicate a Row in a DataFrame, how can I do that?

For example, I have a DataFrame consisting of 1 Row, and I want to make a DataFrame with 100 identical Rows. I came up with the following solution:

  var data:DataFrame=singleRowDF

   for(i<-1 to 100-1) {
       data = data.unionAll(singleRowDF)

But this introduces many transformations and it seems my subsequent actions become very slow. Is there another way to do it?

You can add a column with a literal value of an Array with size 100, and then use explode to make each of its elements create its own row; Then, just get rid of this "dummy" column:

import org.apache.spark.sql.functions._

val result = singleRowDF
  .withColumn("dummy", explode(array((1 until 100).map(lit): _*)))
  .selectExpr(singleRowDF.columns: _*)

Replicating a Spark DataFrame Row N-times – Tech Adventures, Replicating a Spark DataFrame Row N-times. Here the column must be of type array. The explode function creates a new row for each element in the given array or map column. Since the repetition parameter is not fixed, for each row we must create a column of type array whose length will be determined by some other column asked Jul 15, 2019 in Big Data Hadoop & Spark by Aarav (11.5k points) I've got a dataframe like this and I want to duplicate the row n times if the column n is bigger than one: A B n

You could pick out the single row, make a list with a hundred elements, populated with that row and convert it back into a dataframe.

import org.apache.spark.sql.DataFrame

val testDf = sc.parallelize(Seq(
    (1,2,3), (4,5,6)
)).toDF("one", "two", "three")

def replicateDf(n: Int, df: DataFrame) = sqlContext.createDataFrame(

val replicatedDf = replicateDf(100, testDf)

Pyspark: how to duplicate a row n time in dataframe?, I've got a dataframe like this and I want to duplicate the row n times if the column n is bigger explode, but I don't understand how it works Option Explicit. Sub InsRws () 'Excel VBA to copy n times. Dim rng as Range. For Each rng In Range ("C10", Range ("C" & Rows.Count).End (xlUp)) Cells (Rows.Count, 11).End (xlUp) (2).Resize (rng.Value, 3)=rng.Offset (, -2).Resize (1, 3).Value. Next rng.

You could use a flatMap, or a for-comprehension, like it is described here.

I encourage you to use DataSets every time you can, but if it's not possible, the last example in the link works with DataFrames as well:

val df = Seq(
  (0, "Lorem ipsum dolor", 1.0, List("prp1", "prp2", "prp3"))
).toDF("id", "text", "value", "properties")

val df2 = for {
  row <- df
  p <- row.getAs[Seq[String]]("properties")
} yield (row.getAs[Int]("id"), row.getAs[String]("text"), row.getAs[Double]("value"), p)

Also keep in mind that explode is deprecated, see here.

Replicating a row n times, Replicating a row n times. Hi, I'm trying to replicate a single row from a dataset n times and create a new dataset from it. But, while replicating I� Suppose I have the following dataset. id var1 var2 var3. 1 1 4 6 2 7 4 0 3 1 9 6 How do I replicate each observation (1,2, and 3) twice so that the final output looks like. 1 1 4 6 1 1 4 6 2 7 4 0 2 7 4 0 3 1 9 6 3 1 9 6 One (inefficient) way of doing this is to make two identical datasets an

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Replicating rows in Spark Dataset N times - scala - html, For the reference, here is the code that replicates rows using the DataFrame API: val dfReplicated = df. withColumn("__temporarily__", typedLit((0 until replicas). Hello, I am having a bit of trouble with replicating every row in my dataset n times. The idea is to merge 4003 subjects from 44 groups, replicated 1000 times, with 1000 rows of logistic model parameter estimates from 1000 bootstrapped samples of my original data, for each of the 4003 subjects.

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  • you could drop('dummy) instead of the more complicated selectExpr
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  • How to rewrite this in pyspark? I tried df.withColumn("dummy", explode(map(lit, range(repeated)))).drop("dummy"), and it prints out literals, use 'lit', 'array', 'struct' or 'create ... error