Supervisor unrecognized service issue after install

unix:///var/run/supervisor.sock no such file
install supervisor ubuntu
alpine supervisord install
amazon linux 2 install supervisor
yum install supervisor
supervisor python3
supervisord command not found
supervisord stop

If I install supervisor from apt-get I get version 3.0b2-1 and if I run sudo service supervisor status I get is running (older beta version working fine)

A directory at /etc/supervisor is created with supervisord.conf file inside and empty dir conf.d

However, trying to install latest version (3.1.1) with pip or easy_install and running service supervisor status I get supervisor: unrecognized service (latest version not working)

No configuration files are created at /etc so I did echo_supervisord_conf > /etc/supervisord.conf as said at docs.

I can't run service start/stop/restart/status... And I don't know if supervisor will actually work. Any ideas here?

Note: I'm using an Ubuntu 14.04 x64 machine.

What I finally did is to actually work with the apt-get installation. No issues found with it.

ubuntu server 16.04: cannot get supervisor to start automatically , This issue was already reported upstream on the Supervisor project's issue tracker to enable and start the Supervisor daemon after installation of the package: I wanted to install supervisor via pip only in my virtualenv environment. So I created a new virtualenv (testenv) and ran the command . sudo pip install supervisor This was possible of course, but now when I wanted to start it I get the error: (testenv)daniel@daniel-ThinkPad-T530:~$ sudo service supervisor start supervisord: unrecognized service

I would recommend going the route of adding an upstart service as shown here.

Once you've created the upstart conf file, you can then just do:

sudo start supervisord

Supervisor setup on AWS AMI Linux, to get supervisord running as a service you need an /etc/init.d/supervisord file. i used� Re: Cisco Supervisor Desktop installing issue Apparently you already have the Agent software application installed, uninstall the Agent software and patch (if any) and the desktop base, then you will be able to successfully run the supervisor installation. The supervisor installation includes the Agent, so that is why you are seeing this message.

Faced a similar issue due to /etc/init.d/supervisord lacking executable mode.

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/supervisord

Fixed it for me.

How to control your deamon with Supervisord (On CentOS), Please follow this link and do step by step until “Setup supervisor topic”. Method 2 install Supervisor as a normal solution (Please add sudo to every command) you can execute command “service supervisord start” to start Supervisor After you add “files = /etc/supervisord.d/*.conf” to you configuration file� For now I was able to get supervisord working locally on my Ubuntu workstation with no problems. Since it is so much more hassle free on Ubuntu and I won't need to scale out my Queue server, I am going to setup a new instance for my development/queue system on Ubuntu. – zeros-and-ones Jul 7 '15 at 19:17

For others that stumbled upon this thread, I had the same issue however my file structure was wrong.

My structure was /etc/init.d/supervisor/supervisord.

This does not work. You need to have the supervisord file inside of init.d like so: /etc/init.d/supervisord.

Trouble installing step by step, step 8.2: no supervisor available , Hi, trying to install cozy step by step on ubuntu 14.04. followed the step by step but in 8.2 i try "supervisorctl start cozy-controller" and it gives me the following message "unix:///var/run/supervisor.sock… which gave me. “unrecognized service”. When Windows Admin Center is deployed as a service, the Remote Desktop tool may fail to load after updating the Windows Admin Center service to a new version. To work around this issue, clear your browser cache. [23824194] The Remote Desktop tool may fail to connect when managing Windows Server 2012. [20258278]

How To Install and Manage Supervisor on Ubuntu and Debian VPS , As the root user, run the following command to install the Supervisor service supervisor restart The supervisorctl program, which we first used above, also has an interactive mode through which we can issue commands to� Here is the solution I went with. AWS AMI includes pip for installing Python applications. Here are the setup commands: $ sudo pip install supervisor $ echo_supervisord_conf $ sudo su - $ echo_supervisord_conf > /etc/supervisord.conf After you install supervisor you will need to manually build your start-up script to turn the service on and off.

unix:///var/run/supervisor.sock no such file � Issue #480 � Supervisor , I am running a CentOS 7 server. For some reason, after installing Supervisor, I was unable to get it started and unable to locate the "missing"� Sometimes proper drivers do not get detected after the initial installation so reinstallation of the drivers helps resolve the issues. You may check after uninstalling and reinstalling the USB drivers if you are able to connect. You may disconnect all USB devices and then perform the following steps:

server - Supervisord doesnot work, After rebooting my server down . I found that out the problem is not working of supervisord . Job for supervisor.service failed because the control process exited with error code. unrecognized service root@ip-:/# sudo service supervisor restart Job for supervisor.service failed because the control process� Fixed Versions: Cloudera Manager 5.15.1, 5.15.2, 5.16.1. After upgrading from Cloudera Manager 5.15.0, if you are using Flume with Kafka over TLS, your Flume service will be marked as stale. To resolve the problem, restart the Flume service after the upgrade. Cloudera Issue: OPSAPS-45669

  • You might need to run supervisorctl reread to read new configs.
  • I am having the same issue, with an AWS (Ubuntu 14.04) instance for which I have the root password. Running supervisorctl reread does not resolve. I've tried installing both with sudo pip install supervisor and sudo apt-get install supervisor.
  • So what did you both end up doing? I need to install supervisor inside of a virtualenv, but I want it to respond to sudo service supervisor commands.
  • @Raj I've added an answer :)
  • I did not get it!! How did you solve the problem ??