What's the maximum size of a Node.js Buffer

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I got a fatal error reading a file was too big to fit in a buffer.

FATAL ERROR: v8::Object::SetIndexedPropertiesToExternalArrayData() length exceeds max acceptable value


RangeError: "size" argument must not be larger than 2147483647 at Function.Buffer.allocUnsafe (buffer.js:209:3)

If I try to allocate a 1GB Buffer I get the same fatal Error,

var oneGigInBytes = 1073741824;
var my1GBuffer = new Buffer(oneGigInBytes); //Crash   

What is the maximum size of a Node.js Buffer class instance?

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Seems like the current max buffer size is 2147483647 bytes aka 2.147GB

Source: https://stackoverflow.com/a/44994896/3973137 (and my own code)

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  • I think in cases of large files it's reusing the same buffer instance. So it has some fixed size that keeps getting filled with data as you read it. That's what a buffer is.
  • Now I'm curious what the workaround is.
  • @DeaDEnD Streaming the file may be enough. I'd like to send the file to web service that doesn't support chunk transfer encoding. It may be enough to stat() the file, find the size and set the Content-Length header, and stream the file. I was just curious why/if there was a seemingly low 1GB limit when the advantage of allocating outside the Javascript heap was that heap could only allocate at most 1GB.
  • I don't think any web service would not support streaming file uploads specially with sizes like 1GB. Even 10MB would not scale well at all.
  • It appears this has been raised to 2 GiB, I just tested nodejs on Linux 64 bit.
  • actually I think this constant can be replaced without any harm with Smi::kMaxValue then on x64 you will get at least 2gb buffers. (but getting bigger buffers requires significant changes in V8).
  • Thanks for the link to Github. It confirms my what my testing showed.
  • Due to changes in V8, this is no longer the case. I'm not 100% sure exactly where it's defined currently, but I'm getting a max size of 2gb-1byte.