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I have two methods: createGui and createButton. I called createGui method in main method. GUI created.

Now I want to add other components like JButton in the JFrame by using createButton method in createGui method

How to add a button in a frame by calling createButton method?

public class JavaGui {

    public static void main(String[] args){

class CreateGui{

    static GraphicsConfiguration gc;

    public static void createGui(){
        JFrame frame= new JFrame(gc);   
        frame.setSize(600, 400);
        frame.setLocation(200, 200);

    public static void createButton(){
        JButton button=new JButton();

You should have a class that extends JFrame Java class and then you can easily add to it other components (i.e. CreateGui extends JFrame and then add a JPanel to it and then add components). The way you did it makes it look more complicated than it should be.

How to use setUI method in javax.swing.JButton, private Component createButtons() { Action[] actions = primaryActions(); JPanel buttons = createPanel(new GridLayout(1, actions.length, 3, 0)); for(Action action� jframe.add(panel); // we add the panel into the JFrame And now the most anticipated part, we’ll create the button. Just as with JFrame and JPanel we’ll import JButton, and just like JFrame we’ll set the size and visibility, because you know if the visibility is false we won’t be able to see anything ( import javax.swing.JButton ) :

In short:


After that you'll need to read about layout managers.

How to use setBackground method in javax.swing.JButton, Best Java code snippets using javax.swing.JButton.setBackground (Showing top 20 results out of 1,233) private JButton createButton(Lecture lecture, Color color, String toolTip) { JButton button Howto make JButton with simple flat style ? Creates a button with no set text or icon. 2: JButton(Action a) Creates a button where properties are taken from the Action supplied. 3: JButton(Icon icon) Creates a button with an icon. 4: JButton(String text) Creates a button with the text. 5: JButton(String text, Icon icon) Creates a button with an initial text and an icon.

How to Use Buttons, Check Boxes, and Radio Buttons (The Java , For example, the figure shows three buttons: one with text label, one with an image icon, Call helper method to create numButtons buttons createButtons(); � How to Create Button on Frame In this section, you will learn how to create Button on frame the topic of Java AWT package. In the section, from the generated output of the following program, complete window or frame is created in the ButtonText class that is the main class where the main() method lies. This part of the topic will show a simple

GUI Programming Part 2 - Java Programming Tutorial, The idea is that a JPanel will show up with the first question and then I tried adding the listener to the button in the createButton method but I� Similarly you can add buttons to your JFrame. JButton provides us an easy way to add buttons and action listeners. It has many constructors like. JButton (); creates a button with no text and no icon. JButton (String text): creates a button with specified text. JButton (Icon icon); creates a button with specified icon.

trouble hooking up an actionlistener to a radiobutton, The following examples show how to use javax.swing.JButton#setText() . getResource(imgLocation); // Create and initialize the button. JButton button = new� Create a button with only an icon in the file system: 1. JButton button = new JButton (new ImageIcon ("images/start.gif")); Here the icon file start.gif is placed under images directory which is relative to the program. Image: Create a button with only icon inside a jar file or in classpath: 1. 2. 3.

Java Code Examples for javax.swing.JButton#setText, Class for the Application of this program including the createButton method * for returning Creates and returns a JButton with an ActionListener which is an I'm trying to add a button to a frame gui. i tried making a panel and adding it to that, but it does not work. please help! here is my code: import javax.swing.*; public class Agui extends JFram

  • To create a button have the method return it : private JButton createButton(){ return new JButton(); }. You can add a button using frame.getContentPane().add(createButton());
  • "You should have a class that extends JFrame Java class" , no , you certainly do not have to. In fact it is often discouraged
  • no i want both methods . wanna call first methods to create jframe then add buttons on that frame as needed on runtime... or dynamically call createButton based on results from another class.