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I have profile form for user can edit own profiles. in this form I have current password. that must be match from seved into database.


{{ Form::password('currPassword', array('id'=>'currPassword')) }}

i want to have this function in Controller to check this with database.

$data = User::find($id);
if( ! Hash::check( $data->password , Input::get('currPassword') ) )
    return Redirect::to('/admin/profile')
        ->with('message', 'Current Password Error !')

hashed 123456 password into database is ok and after putting 123456 in currPassword that must be return TRUE but that return FALSE always.

You're using the wrong argument order. It's Hash::check($input, $hash), not the other way around.

Short tinker example:

[1] > $pw = 123456;
// 123456
[2] > $hashed = Hash::make($pw);
// '$2y$10$xSugoyKv765TY8DsERJ2/.mPIOwLNdM5Iw1n3x1XNVymBlHNG4cX6'
[3] > Hash::check($hashed, $pw);
// false
[4] > Hash::check($pw, $hashed);
// true

Hash::check() always returns false, Hash::check() always returns false � laravel hash passwords. I am trying to check the user input password while logging in and the Hashed� Hash::check() return false in laravel 5. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 2 months ago. auth laravel always return false. 1. laravel. let user login with not unique

Hash::check() has two parameters first one is plane password and another is hashed password. If password matched with hash it will return true.


Example :


Hash::check return false, $user is an instance of the Auth::user() return value. I have also checked to generate an hash with hash::make('admin') and replace with� Stack Overflow Public questions and answers; Teams Private questions and answers for your team; Enterprise Private self-hosted questions and answers for your enterprise; Talent Hire technical talent

I had the same issue and solved it like this:

I found that I was using the Hash::make function in my RegistrationService class and more important that I had already used the setPasswordAttribute function in my User model which were quickly forgotten:

class User extends Model implements AuthenticatableContract, AuthorizableContract

     * @param $value
    public function setPasswordAttribute($value)
        $this->attributes['password'] = Hash::make($value);

So the password was double hashed and of course every Hash::check call was incorrect and return false.

Laravel Hash::check() always return false, Laravel Hash::check() always return false. I have profile form for user can edit own profiles. in this form I have current password. that must be match from seved � Hi, I have problem with my login function maybe you'll be able helping me. I imported users from my AD successfully, now doing login function I only get false on Hash::check function. Here is t

Though above answers are valid for the question provided, I'm adding more explanation to give details insights

Verifying A Password Against A Hash

The check method allows you to verify that a given plain-text string corresponds to a given hash. However, if you are using the LoginController included with Laravel, you will probably not need to use this directly, as this controller automatically calls this method:

if (Hash::check('plain-text', $hashedPassword)) {
    // The passwords match...

check() method is declare in HasherInterface

This method is to Check the given plain value against a hash.

 bool check(string $value, string $hashedValue, array $options = array())

Check the given plain value against a hash.


string $value string $hashedValue array $options

Return Value


For your example :

$data = User::find($id);
if( ! Hash::check(Input::get('currPassword') , $data->password  ) )
    return Redirect::to('/admin/profile')
        ->with('message', 'Current Password Error !')

Hash::check always returning false � Issue #228 � Adldap2/Adldap2 , You will need to authenticate the user via Laravel's standard Auth::attempt() method, using the adldap auth driver. In your code, all you're doing is� I've got an issue when I try to validate the post password via Hash::check in Laravel 5.5. I made a posts table (in this case sales table) with password column. When I try to create the post, it's working perfectly and the password is hashed and also belongs to logged in User.

I had the same issue and after spending 2 hours to work it out, I found that I was hashing the password twice before updating it. 1. From the PasswordResetController, 2. And in User model, I had this function:

public function setPasswordAttribute($password)
    $this->attributes['password'] = bcrypt($password);

What would cause password Hash::check to start returning false?, 1 of 5 replies August 12, 2016. chrislentz's avatar chrislentz � Laravel I am using the standard Hash::check($request->input('password'), few days, but then after a few days, all of the sudden is starts returning false, even know I have not made any changes. I figured it out, as always, it was a bug else where in my code. I have a problem with laravel 4.2 authentication. Auth::attempt() always return false. Hash::check() return false. I am tired to solve this problem. I read many tutorial and I can't find the solution. Here are some of my important files: my auth.php

auth attempt == false but hash check == true?, Route::get('test3', function() { $email = ''; $password = 'pass123'; this returns false, 60, true. i checked the table size and it's 255. it's UTF-8 unicode encoding and Hash::check($password, $user->password) // returns false 323733737. I have checked password and hashed_password using Hash::check() and it returned true. No problem with that. Laravel 5 Auth::attempt always return false. 1.

Code Happy: Authentication, Learn how to use the authentication system of the Laravel PHP Framework version 3. In the above snippet we create a bcrypt hash out of our password. This will return a boolean result true on successful match, and false on failure. We will use the Auth::attempt() method to check if the username and password can be� New version 5.1 Laravel! You practice and you know PHP create sites I propose today to discover all the Laravel PHP framework. Hash::check always return false

Auth attempt suddenly returning false : laravel, public function create() { if($this->auth->check()) { return Redirect::to('/tasks'); } return You user model is already doing the hash - so your hashing twice and� Thanks for this explanation, I have problems with has() and hasFile() to use a Update method in my controller, has() ever return true, instead hasFile() ever return false, and i need udate one image file

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