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I've created a BarChart using BarChartView from ios-Charts but I can't figure out howto add rounded corners to bars.

This is the code that I'm using:

let barChart: BarChartView
var xVals = [String]()
var yVals = [BarChartDataEntry]()

let set1 = BarChartDataSet(yVals: yVals, label: "Label")

set1.drawValuesEnabled = false
set1.highlightLineWidth = 3
set1.colors = [UIColor.whiteColor()] = BarChartData(xVals: xVals, dataSet: set1)

I've looked for a property like set1.barCornerRadius to set, but I didn't find anything.

Here is what I have:

Here is what I need:

In BarChartRenderer.swift you can to modify open func drawDataSet(context: CGContext, dataSet: IBarChartDataSet, index: Int)

Then there's if-statement for stacked and nonstacked bars, choose your case and remove:


and instead of it add:

let bezierPath = UIBezierPath(roundedRect: barRect, cornerRadius: %YOUR_CORNER_RADIUS%)

context.drawPath(using: .fill)

Rounding the corners of bars � Issue #1066 � danielgindi/Charts , [Stats Refresh] Round the bars in the Charts wordpress-mobile/WordPress-iOS# 11144. Closed. tigloo pushed a commit to tigloo/Charts that� I have created a bar chart in chart.js using the below code. However I want to give the bars rounded corners instead of edged ones at the top of the bars. I can't find any way to do this using the global settings of chart.js. Is there any way to achieve the effect I want?

If you don't want to wait for this pull request to be merged in the original library, there's a working solution that I use myself in a couple of projects.

This working example is based on all of the previous data I've collected all over the Internet. It works as of today but you have to do a few precautions before using it.

To make it work, all you have to do is replace the whole BarChartRenderer.swift file with this one.

First, have a backup copy of the original file. Then, make sure you replace the file every time you update your Charts CocoaPod, otherwise, the file will be overwritten.

In the end, to control the corner radius of your chart, just change the barCornerRadius = CGFloat(5.0) to whatever you want to.

Here's the final result I've got:

After you've replaced the file, make sure to clean your Xcode's build folder and then recompile your project for changes to take effect immediately.

Add support for rounded corners for BarChart � Issue #3754 , Support also stacked bar charts. Corner radius should be calculated automatically, depending on chart's width and height. To use it simply add dataSet. Generates an iOS Stacked Bars chart. A Stacked Bars chart is a Stacked Column chart rotated 90 degrees, so that the columns are rendered horizontally. In order to achieve this effect, we create a Stacked Column chart, then use the XAxis and YAxis alignment to rotate the chart.

Seems that this feature is currently not supported but is under development. In the meanwhile take a look at this pull request.

Custom Rounded Bars Bar Chart Example, Bar chart example import 'package:charts_flutter/flutter.dart' as charts; import ' package:flutter/material.dart'; class CustomRoundedBars extends StatelessWidget� Any idea on how to accomplish this (rounded bars) in React with react-chartjs-2? @mtebele. I found a way to do rounded corners on the top. All you have to do is specify radius 0 for the desired corners. If we're talking about vertical bar charts its the corners 3 & 4, in the case of the horizontal bar charts its the corners 1 & 4.

Are there any cons in using rounded corners for bar graphs?, Participants were presented different types of bar charts, and then had to answer questions like the following: a) In the chart below, what is the� // To not have any rounded corners, use [NoCornerStrategy] // To change the radius of the bars, use [ConstCornerStrategy] cornerStrategy: const charts.ConstCornerStrategy(30)), ); } /// Create one series with sample hard coded data.

iOS Charts: Custom Y-Axis Values. Although I'm fairly new to iOS , (And yes, that is a custom implementation of a bar chart with rounded bars. Possibly coming in an artilce soon!) Conclusion. We have now seen� Rounding Top pattern. Rounding Top Pattern . When following a rounding top, traders may also watch volume which is usually higher as the charted price increases and decreases on a downtrend.

Rounded bars in bar charts - Apple Community, Hi - I like the look of the performance (and other) charts on the Apple in Numbers except for the rounded corners on the ends of the bars. bar chart , combined axis , measure names , measure values , rounded , tableau , tip No comments I've used rounded bar charts a few Makeover Mondays. I received an email from a reader yesterday about how to create them, so I decided to make a video in case anyone else has the same question going forward.

  •… ?
  • No @oren, bars are managed directly by the BarChartView. By default they are squared like these and I don't know howto round their corners.
  • Ok, sorry... I just thought that after all, this is a UIView, so maybe possible to use its layer...
  • check out There are demo code, you can try first
  • Grea Answer.. Much better than Taking another Fork :-)
  • I've tried to override drawDataSet but I got dozen of errors that property is inaccessible due to fileprivate protection level. Do I have to copy them(and their init methods) into my subclass, or is there a better solution?
  • i implemented your code in my file ,but this file is not called , so what is the problem is that?
  • nope, the link is wrong. Correct is