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I want to load multiple models in a particular function in a controller?

Expecting repeatatively $this->loadModel('ModelName') method.

I have resolved my problem, it's a simple way by passing an array of ModelNames in $this->loadModel(); function.

$this->loadModel('model1', 'model2', 'model3', ...);

And you want to load multiple models for whole controller then you can :

public $uses = array('model1', 'model2', 'model3', .... );

Multiple Models in Single View in MVC, We can pass this dynamically created object to the view and render list of the teacher and student. Controller Code. public class HomeController :� Hi kashifdotnet, kashifdotnet How to load multiple models in a View. There are various ways to pass data from Controller to View in MVC: Using ViewBag or ViewData or TempData

If you only have one or two models, the easiest way is to call loadModel once or twice. Here is a one line code which should work (not tested) for you if you have multiple models:

array_map([$this, 'loadModel'], ['Model1', 'Model2', 'Model3']);

Anyway, if you really have a lot of models to load manually, maybe consider redesigning your project...

How to load multiple models in a View, How to load multiple models in a View. There are various ways to pass data from Controller to View in MVC: Using ViewBag or ViewData or� In this article, you learned about mapping multiple view models to a single UI view in an ASP.NET MVC5 platform. You also learned about conceptual understanding behind this scenario along with how to achieve this scenario from the coding perspective.

Yes your method is correct

$this->loadModel('model1', 'model2', 'model3', ...);

And if you want to load multiple methods for the whole controller , In that case you can use this in the controller class

public $uses = array('model1','model2','model3', .... );

How to Load Multiple Models in a Single Route, Implicit or explicit, we can use nested routing to load multiple models at once. setupController(controller, model) { controller.set('posts', model); this.store. You CAN load two models in the same controller, I did it plenty of times. The issue is another – Damien Pirsy Jun 6 '12 at 7:15 Damien Pirsy is right it is a common practice to load multiple models in a single controller you should check your model file or post the model code here..

do this

public function initialize(){
  $this->Model = $this->loadModel('modelClass')

You can replace Model and modelClass to your case

{{Quest 2}}: How to load multiple models on the same route?, Supposing that you would need to load multiple data required for a page that is served by different API setupController(controller, model) { Some of beginners is familiar with some of way to use multiple Models in an ASP.NET MVC application. But, May be they are not know about all the way to use Multiple Models in ASP.NET MVC. Here, in this article I am going to share all the possible ways to use multiple Models in a view. I am assuming that you will familiar with C# and ASP.NET MVC.

$this->loadModel('model1', 'model2', 'model3', ...);

THIS IS NOT THE WAY .... If you want to load multiple model in a single line then you have to use this..

Blockquote public $uses = array('model1','model2','model3', .... ); Blockquote

Codeigniter Load Multiple Models In Controller Function, Codeigniter Load Multiple Models - There is no limitation to load models in controller function, you can load multiple Models in same function. Models are PHP classes that are designed to work with information in your database. For example, let’s say you use CodeIgniter to manage a blog. You might have a model class that contains functions to insert, update, and retrieve your blog data.

10 ways to Bind Multiple Models on a View in MVC, But Many times we need to pass multiple models from controller to view or we want to show data from multiple model on a view. For example we� If a view requires a different model from its same-named counterpart then the controller must explicitly state the model to be used and pass it to the view. For example, suppose view My2 requires data from model My3 instead of My2. Then in the controller task-method you need to state the required model, like this:

Getting Data from Users: Getting Data for Multiple Models, First, the controller action for collecting the user and profile data can be We then call yii\base\Model::load() to populate these two models with the user input. The charge controller works with gel, sealed and flooded lithium battery types, and has multiple load control modes, including manual, lighting, and light timer. Not only that, but the controller comes packed full of safety protections, including battery overvoltage, load overload, PV short circuit or reverse polarity and more.

Getting Data from Users: Collecting Tabular Input, Model::loadMultiple() load post data into an array of models. <?php namespace app\controllers; use Yii; use yii\base\Model; use yii\web\Controller; use�

  • What could be the case, you want to load multiple models?
  • for me I have used "$this->loadModel" in 2 places for multiple models but base class it's working but for the child class it's only loading the first model only. Can anyone help?
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