Routes are conflicting in Laravel framework php

I have already a/{id} api

Now I want a/b

But it is not hitting a/b, it is hitting a/{id} and taking b as {id}

How can I create a/b assuming I am not allowed to change a/{id}?

Framework Laravel.

$apiRoutes = [
        // Dev routes
        'get_a_by_id' => ['get',      'a/{id}','AController@getA'],

        // App routes
        'fetch_all_b'                                  => ['get','a/b', 'BController@getB'],

What you can do is

First place a/b above a/{id} and add ->where(['id' => '[0-9]+'); this will make sure that the route a/{id} will trigger only if there is numeric value.

You can change regex based on your needs.

Route::get('a/b', function () {

Route::get('a/{id}', function ($id) {
})->where(['id' => '[0-9]+');

Route conflict between resourceful routes and a prefix placeholder , I have already a/{id} api. Now I want a/b. But it is not hitting a/b, it is hitting a/{id} and taking b as {id}. How can I create a/b assuming I am not� These files are automatically loaded by the framework. The routes/web.php file defines routes that are for your web interface. These routes are assigned the web middleware group, which provides features like session state and CSRF protection. The routes in routes/api.php are stateless and are assigned the api middleware group.

It depends in which order you define them, you need to first create the specific route a/b then below the wildcard one.

Route::get('a/b', function () {
    dd('testing b');

Route::get('a/{id}', function ($id) {
    dd('testing', $id);

[BUG] Resourceful Routes Conflicting � Issue #323 � laravel/framework, Laravel Version: 5.8.0 PHP Version: 7.1.3 Description: I'm trying to implement a package Route conflict between resourceful routes and a prefix placeholder # 29202 and thank you anyway about this amazing framework. kernel-panic 7:26 PM artisan command feature guide how to laravel laravel 4 laravel 4.2 laravel 5 laravel 5.2 routes tips tutorial When your laravel application gets bigger, you will end-up having a lot of routes, and it's difficult to maintain, the ability to show list of routes probably will help you little bit to maintain the routes.

The short answer is to define a/b before a/{id}

Here's my example:

Route::get('/v1/smsportal/search/{type?}/{search?}', 'SMSPortals@search');
Route::get('/v1/smsportal/{id?}', 'SMSPortals@get');
Route::post('/v1/smsportal', 'SMSPortals@save');
Route::post('/v1/smsportal/{id?}', 'SMSPortals@update');
Route::delete('/v1/smsportal/{id?}', 'SMSPortals@delete');

/v1/smsportal/search will be called before /v1/smspotal/{id} if I call for search.

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Routing - Laravel, Routing. Basic Routing. Redirect Routes; View Routes. Route Parameters. Required Parameters; Optional Parameters; Regular Expression Constraints. Named� Your prefixed route would evaluate to example/test, but the resource routes define example/{example_id} which will catch the request to example/test and pass test as example_id. This is something that happens with all routes that have parameters. You must define foo/bar before foo/{bar} in order for the first one to work as you expect it to.

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