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I have 2 lists. The first is list_A = ['Sasi', 'Babu', 'kuttapppan', 'mathayi'] and my second list is list_B = ['Raman', 'Kesavan', 'sasi', 'unni', 'Kuttappan'].

I want to compare these two lists and identify the values which are duplicated in the second list regardless of if it starts with a capital letter or a lowercase letter. I've tried the following method:

if not [name for name in list_A if name in list_B]:
     print name

But it is not working as expected.

#Might be better if we are dealing with huge lists.  

list_A = ['Sasi', 'Babu', 'kuttapppan', 'mathayi']
list_B = ['Raman', 'Kesavan', 'sasi', 'unni', 'Kuttappan'].

d = [x.lower() for x in list_A] # make dict of list with less elements  
for m in list_B:  # search against bigger list  
    if m.lower() in d: print(m)   

Python 3 compare two list case insensitive, The more difficult problems is to compare two lists case insensitive. In this article you can find 3 examples. The first example is finding the� Case-insensitive comparison of two lists. Ask Question Asked 4 years, 7 months ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed 5k times 2. 1. I have 2 lists. The first is

Try using sets. The difference set operation will return unique elements to set abc in the following example. Common elements can be obtained using the intersection set operation

abc = [i.lower() for i in ["a","b","c"]]
bcd = [i.lower() for i in ["b","c","d"]]

print set(abc).difference(set(bcd)) 
print set(abc).intersection(set(bcd)) 

python question: comparing lists, case insensitive : learnprogramming, python question: comparing lists, case insensitive. Hi everyone, I am just starting to learn how to code, running into a problem when I try to compare two lists, my� Cut and Paste your lists into textbox A & B, then click Compare Lists to work out the differences between the two lists; There are other functionalities that you can perform over the results of the comparison including: Case insensitive comparisons; Remove extraneous spaces from your input and output; Remove leading zeros from your data

First, convert each element in each list to lowercase with lower(). Then, the easiest way to compare duplicates is with set operations. You can combine these steps with a set comprehension:

list_A = ['Sasi', 'Babu', 'kuttapppan', 'mathayi']
list_B = ['Raman', 'Kesavan', 'sasi', 'unni', 'Kuttappan']
list_A = {item.lower() for item in list_A}
list_B = {item.lower() for item in list_B}

Then use intersection of sets:

copies = list_A & list_B

Need help with case insensitive list comparison in Python, I'm learning python and have been trying to figure out how to properly compare lists for case insensitivity. If I have two lists, where the first list contains the current � are considered as two different words. But if you want to consider them as one and the same then you need to do some tricks in order to compare the words in case insensitive comparison. Lets see first how set is working: orig_list = ['Brazil', 'China', 'Canada', 'peru', 'brazil', 'cAnAdA', 'cAnaDa', 'Brazil'] print(set(orig_list)) result is:

Actually you can make this in just one list comprehansion:

list_A = ['Sasi', 'Babu', 'kuttappan', 'mathayi']
list_B = ['Raman', 'Kesavan', 'sasi', 'unni', 'Kuttappan', 'SaSi']

duplicated = [B for B in list_B if B.lower() in (x.lower() for x in list_A)]

This way it returns the original values while comparing the lowercased. Using sets will return the lowercased values and will delete all duplicated values in list_B.

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