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How to update progress bar using Background thread in android? It would also change the progress in progress bar. Please help.


I have done similar task using AsyncTask. AsyncTask has method onProgressUpdate(Integer) that you can call each iteration for example or each time a progress is done during doInBackground() by calling publishProgress().

Refer to the docs for more details.

Progress Bars, Threads, Windows Forms, and You, Using asynchronous progress bars on your form from start to finish. Only update the progress bar when it would make a noticeable visible� Here we will demo a progress bar update using AsyncTask. AsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result> android.os.AsyncTask<Params, Progress, Result> handles UI thread. AsyncTask performs asynchronous task in background and displays result in UI without changing UI thread. We can use AsyncTask for short operations like progress bar or download.

Thread t=new Thread()
public void run()
while(some condition)
Message myMessage = new Message();
myMessage.obj = "success";

private Handler handler=new Handler()
        public void handleMessage(Message msg)
            String result=(String)msg.obj;
                     //update progress bar here


Updating a ProgressBar from a Thread, In this video you will learn how to update the value of a ProgressBar while using a thread to Duration: 9:42 Posted: Nov 30, 2012 Java Swing How to - Update JProgressBar in Thread. Back to JProgressBar ↑ Question. We would like to know how to update JProgressBar in Thread.

Use handler, this handler will update the progress bar you have to do is: 1)send message to handler from you thread 2)update progress bar in handler

C# Threads : Worker Thread With ProgressBar Update, Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends Duration: 7:32 Posted: Sep 1, 2016 I have been writing a program which runs a remote script on server. So, I need to show the progress with a bar but somehow when I run my code, GUI start to freeze. I have used QThread and SIGNAL but

  // this is demonstrate how to update progress bar from a thread 
  private ProgressBar pgb;  //  is a progressBar named with pgb 
  private int progressBarStatus = 0;// is a variable named progressBarStatus and initialize by 0
  // in  onCreate  method find the ui component view horizontal prograssbar named progressBar2  

 public void load_bar(View view) // is a button OnClick
// and i am using a thread with for loop to demonstrate a task and variable progressBarStatus  as status 

  pgb = (ProgressBar) findViewById( ;// find view by id 

  pgb.setMax(100); // at this point we the maximum value of a progress bar to make it full like we make 100 pices of it 

  pgb.setProgress(0); // initialize the progress bar with 0 % progress

    // progress bar handler that update the status of progress bar . without handler we cant update progress bar from thread Runnable() {
                public void run() {

unable to update progress bar with threading in C#, Pregunta. private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { PROGRESS_BAR.Minimum = 0; PROGRESS_BAR.Maximum = 100� How can I update a Progress bar on my main window from another thread? Main Window: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using

private ProgressBar pgb;
private TextView textview;
private int progressBarStatus = 0;
private Handler progressBarbHandler = new Handler();

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    pgb = (ProgressBar) findViewById( ;

public void load_bar(View view)

    new Thread(new Runnable() {
        public void run() {
            for (progressBarStatus = 0; progressBarStatus <= 100; progressBarStatus++) {

       Runnable() {
                    public void run() {

                try {
                } catch (Exception ex) {

Multi-threading with the BackgroundWorker, The result is a lot of frustrated forum posts from people who are trying to run a lengthy process while updating a progress bar, only to realize that the progress bar� I'm trying to create a simple progress bar to update using a thread on my form. I can't seem to get the Invoke call to fire on the progress bar, can anyone tell me why? Here is my very simple form, with just a progress bar and button to execute.

Using Thread and Progress bar : Progress � UI � Android, Using Thread and Progress bar : Progress � UI � Android. ProgressBar; public class Test extends Activity { private static int progress; private ProgressBar� The line self.progress.setGeometry(0, 0, 300, 25) method defines the x,y positions on the dialog and width and height of the progress bar. We then move the button using .move() by 30px downwards so that there will be a gap of 5px between the two widgets. Here self.progress.setValue(count) is used to update the progress.

How to Use Progress Bars and Progress Monitors, [PENDING: currently this page covers only the use of progress bars, but we have plans to bar to measure the progress of a long task running in a separate thread: Once the task has begun, a timer causes the progress bar to update every�

Progress Bar in WPF With Anonymous Delegates, To update progress bar you need to start new thread, Other than the main thread of GUI; that can update progress bar! WPF, or Control in the�

  • Any idea about how to update progress bar while downloading JSON object from web. it takes hardly 20 seconds. Time is not fixed. It would be less. So how to increment progress in progressbar?
  • @AndroidVogue : can you provide sample of your code ? so that I can help you
  • one more thing that you can do in your thread is use yourActivity.this.runOnUiThread(new Runnable(){ public void run(){ /* update your progress bar here */ }})