Android Studio doesn't recognize InstanceID class

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I want to implement GCM Client on Android. Following the guide here I have downloaded the configuration file and copied the google-services.json file into the app/ directory of the project.

I have also added the dependencies in the project's build.gradle

classpath ''

and plugin in the app level build.gradle

apply plugin: ''

I have also included the Google Play Services SDK

compile ''

I have also updated the AndroidManifest.xml file as shown here

To get the Registration Token, when I use the following code

InstanceID instanceID = InstanceID.getInstance(this);

Android Studio does not recognize the class. I get a "Cannot resolve symbol 'InstaceID'". Any reason as to why this is happening?

Update your Play services SDK to

compile ''

Then clean your Project.

Worked for me. Hope it works for you too!

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you are missing the gcm

add on your gradle:

compile ""

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Basically, you have to use the latest version of the Google Play Services, Android Support Repository and Google Repository for this to work, and then include the latest version of the Google Play Services

compile ''

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Checks an official firebase documentation and imports the latest version

eg: implementation ''

Run apps on a hardware device, Find out about current known issues with Android Studio and the Android into that build folder, but Gradle doesn't copy over the resources. In Device Manager, find your device (should have yellow Exclamation point), right click, and update driver (open the folder with the driver you just downloaded) If this doesn’t work, try restarting Android Studio or plugging your device back in again.

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  • if issue is resolved then please post here, i am also facing same issue
  • I actually have the latest version of Google Play Services SDK (re. 25 on 14th July 2015). The problem was that I didn't have the latest versions of Android Support Repository and Google Repository. Thank You!
  • I meet the same problem, but I have the latest Google Play Service SDK and the latest versions of Android Support Repository and Google Repository, but the AS still can not resolve the classes of GCM. PS: it occurs after I update my AS to 1.3 in the stable channel