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I am making a simple python script that will ask for a zipcode and return the weather implementing the latitude and longitude of that zipcode into a url and the weather can be fetched. I am still a beginner so this might be a very simple fix. I will explain my code so far. I have done the Beautiful Soup stuff this is just implementing the zipcode to lat and long.

This imports the search engine:

from uszipcode import SearchEngine

This specifies simple zipcode:

search = SearchEngine(simple_zipcode=True)

This specifies the zipcode in question:

zipcode = search.by_zipcode("11217")

This takes the zipcode, gets it's data, turns it into a dict, and stores it into a variable:

latLong = zipcode.to_dict

This takes the lat and long from the dict and stores them in variables:

lat = latLong['lat']
long = latLong['long']

And finally, this puts the lat and long in the url for BeautifulSoup to do it's magic:

my_url = '' + lat + '&lon=' + long + '#.XGTPH1xKiUk'

As you can see, I am using the uszipcode library. (Here's a link:

Something else that might be important to note is that this is what you would get if you were to call the latLong variable:

<bound method ExtendedBase.to_dict of SimpleZipcode(zipcode='11217', zipcode_type='Standard', major_city='Brooklyn', post_office_city='Brooklyn, NY', common_city_list=['Brooklyn'], county='Kings County', state='NY', lat=40.68, lng=-73.98, timezone='Eastern', radius_in_miles=0.9090909090909091, area_code_list=['646', '718'], population=35881, population_density=47796.0, land_area_in_sqmi=0.75, water_area_in_sqmi=0.0, housing_units=17581, occupied_housing_units=16269, median_home_value=857000, median_household_income=81862, bounds_west=-73.990867, bounds_east=-73.97064, bounds_north=40.689901, bounds_south=40.672639)>

Ok so here's my problem: Whenever I try to call the method/values of variables in the dictionary, (aka the lat = latLong['lat']) this error message pops up:

Traceback (most recent call last):
 File "c:\Users\bobko\Desktop\Hello\", line 8, in <module>
 lat = zipcode.to_dict['lat']
TypeError: 'method' object is not subscriptable

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Can someone please help? Just a side note: I haven't implemented the input thing I am just seeing if this will even work.

You should call the method by placing parentheses after the method name:

latLong = zipcode.to_dict()

Otherwise you're only assigning the method object to latLong, hence the error.

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The below works for me. You have to call the to_dict method by adding parentheses and also the attribute is not "long" it is "lng"

from uszipcode import SearchEngine

search = SearchEngine(simple_zipcode=True)
zipcode = search.by_zipcode("11217")
latLong = zipcode.to_dict()
lat = latLong['lat']
long = latLong['lng']

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zipcode.to_dict is a method. You have to call it, i.e. zipcode.to_dict().

Without the parentheses, you're referring to the method instead of calling it.

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