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I have made a twitter like database with with one of the tables being tweets which has a tweetid, tweet itself, userid, and a timestamp.

Is there a way to query this table to output tweets with exactly one hashtag in the tweet.

I know I have to use LIKE "%#%" but that would return all tweets with hashtags. I want to output the tweets with only one hashtag in it.

I think this will do what you want:

select t.*
from tweets t
where t.tweet like '%#%' and
      t.tweet not like '%#%#%';

This looks for exactly one '#' in the tweet.

SQL output records with a single hashtag, I have made a twitter like database with with one of the tables being tweets which has a tweetid tweet itself userid and a timestamp Is there a way to query this� STRING_SPLIT outputs a single-column table whose rows contain the substrings. The name of the output column is value. The output rows might be in any order. The order is not guaranteed to match the order of the substrings in the input string. You can override the final sort order by using an ORDER BY clause on the SELECT statement (ORDER BY value).

How big is the table (number of rows), you could do the following, but performance wouldn't be great.

WHERE len(tweet)-len(replace(tweet,'#',''))=1

While this would work, I recommend Gordon's solution, although neither solution is going to offer great performance.

Finding multiple hashtags in one record - MSDN, Finding multiple hashtags in one record RRS feed Transact-SQL The query above seems to stop @ the first hashtag and right before the� Identifies the hashing algorithm to be used to hash the input. This is a required argument with no default. The single quotation marks are required. Beginning with SQL Server 2016 (13.x), all algorithms other than SHA2_256, and SHA2_512 are deprecated. @input Specifies a variable containing the data to be hashed. @input is varchar, nvarchar, or

You should really have your hashtags in a separate table related to your tweetID.

select * from tweets where tweetID in
(select tweetID from tweets group by tweetID having count(*)=1)

But if you're not going to alter the database structure then one of the others will have to do.

SQL - how to search by hashtags / tags in MySql / MariaDB, first one describes how to make proper SELECT query,; second one describes This example shows how to find rows that have assigned one tag / hashtag. Local SQL Server temp tables are created using the pound symbol or “hashtag” followed by the table name. For example: #Table_name. SQL temp tables are created in the tempdb database. A local SQL Server temp table is only visible to the current session. It cannot be seen or used by processes or queries outside of the session it is declared in.

When to Use Temporary Tables vs. Table Variables, are created using the pound symbol or “hashtag” followed by the table name. One of the most often used scenarios for SQL Server temp tables is the SQL Server temp table and process the records that meet the criteria of your goal. Not only does this save on expensive query processing, but it may� The first challenge is to get a single value. Fortunately, the CONCAT function provided in SQL Server 2012 and later works a treat. It promotes all values passed to it to strings, ignores NULL values, and outputs a single string. This means we could calculate the hash or checksum like this:

Converting commas or other delimiters to a Table or List in SQL , A very common T-SQL needs of database developer is to convert a comma- separated value to list or rows, or any other delimiter into a tabular format, Delimiters include pipe “|”, hash “#”, dollar “$” and other characters. any piece of the input string, then the output table will have only one component. SQL is one of the analyst’s most powerful tools. In SQL Superstar , we give you actionable advice to help you get the most out of this versatile language and create beautiful, effective queries. When you are new to programming in SQL, you will come across a lot of hard-to-search-for character operators.

An Introduction to SQL Server Temporary Tables By Pracical , This tutorial covers SQL Server Temporary Tables and how to manipulate the The name of the temporary table starts with a hash symbol ( # ). Of course, you can query data against it within the current session: INSERT Multiple Rows � INSERT INTO SELECT � UPDATE � UPDATE JOIN � DELETE � MERGE � PIVOT� Substitution variables can replace SQL*Plus command options or other hard-coded text. They can be used to customize SQL*Plus script output. Substitution variable references in a statement are pre-processed and replaced before SQL*Plus executes the statement. Variable values can be pre-defined, prompted for, or set to script parameters.

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