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Guys I have this php code to return the current time:

$time = date('m/d/Y h:i:s a', time());

I saw this time to my database using this code :

$query = "INSERT into `time` VALUES('', '$time')";

And the time row values update every transaction.

The question here is how I could return the most recent time?

I think i need an sql statement that return the time descendingly but I don't know what is it, so any help?

You can do a simple select, depending on what you want to do:


I don't know the name of the column so I wrote <time>.

Finding the Oldest/Youngest Records Within a Group, How to find the oldest or most recent record associated with a particular foreign key. Let's start with the following simple DB schema: This adds a bit of complexity, but with a JOIN and a sub-select the query remains pretty straightforward: The value of those AAPL shares would fluctuate over time. If the performance is really critical and you are about frequently ask your table for the most recent date Why not create lookup table of station and parameter as key with most recent time stamp. You need to update this table each time you modify the big one, but this way you have your results when you need it I milliseconds.

You just need to do an ORDER BY and a LIMIT 1:

SELECT  `yourTimeColumn`
FROM    `time`
ORDER BY `yourTimeColumn` DESC

In addition, you could do your INSERT with the current time by just doing:


how do I query sql for a latest record date for each user, 1 Answer. select t.username, t.date, t.value. from MyTable t. inner join ( select username, max(date) as MaxDate. from MyTable. group by username. ) tm on t.username = tm.username and t.date = tm.MaxDate. The above SQL query will return the most recent access record for the nraboy user. Now why can’t you just do the following: select * from tbl_access_logs tal1 where tal1 . username = ' nraboy ' and tal1 . activity_date = max ( tal1 . activity_date ) ;

if your date is not in datetime format then It needs to be converted to datetime first. Hope the following will help you.

SELECT * FROM time ORDER BY CONVERT(datetime, column) DESC LIMIT 1

column is the name of the time column.

Get The Most Recent Record In A Table By Date And User, I often find myself working with legacy database tables that don't have 'nraboy' and tal1.activity_date = (select max(tal2.activity_date) from tbl_access_logs tal2 where tal2.username = tal1.username);. The above SQL query will return the most recent access record for the Unsubscribe at any time. make sure that your tables include a currentEntryDate (date) field where the date is recorded for when the row is created or modified. Then you can query your table(s) and order descending based on this currentEntryDate field -- you could also have like a subquery that queries for the most recent date and then base your main query on the result of the subquery

Select most recent row by some other column, If there are more than one AnalogValue, you can get max value for each RoomId and then JOIN with CRV_AttributeLog just to fetch all� When you run the above query and do not see your database in this list, that means your database is not being backup at all. If you see your database in this list, I suggest you take look at the Backup Date and make sure that there is always a recent backup available for the database.

Select ONE most recent post for each author, If you aim is to have queries with maximum efficiency, none of the above queries is really the best. Not always at least. Efficiency depends on� WITH UserStatus (User, Date, Status, Notes, Ord) as ( SELECT Date, User, Status, Notes, ROW_NUMBER() OVER (PARTITION BY User ORDER BY Date DESC) FROM [SOMETABLE] ) SELECT User, Date, Status, Notes from UserStatus where Ord = 1 This would also facilitate the display of the most recent x statuses from each user.

How can we find the most recent and most oldest date from a table , For getting the most recent date from a table, we need to provide the name of the column, having a date as value, as the argument of MAX()� SELECT sensorID,timestamp,sensorField1,sensorField2 FROM sensorTable s1 WHERE timestamp = (SELECT MAX(timestamp) FROM sensorTable s2 WHERE s1.sensorID = s2.sensorID) ORDER BY sensorID, timestamp; Pretty self-explaining I think, but here's more info if you wish, as well as other examples. It's from the MySQL manual, but above query works with

  • Are you looking for the ORDER BY keywords in SQL?
  • I know how to order using Id and things like this but I don't know how to ORDER BY using time format like mine
  • It's exactly the same. Just specify the column you want to, well, order by. You should at least try first.
  • This is why you should not use the format m/d/Y h:i:s a and VARCHAR. If you used MySQL's datetime column format and Y-m-d h:i:s this would be a simple task.
  • Actually I tried @David but it didn't work because I am not using sql datetime
  • wrap you <time> with backticks - `<time>`, so that it shows up, as right now you have ...so I wrote, instead of so I wrote <time>.
  • The problem is that I am not using sql timedate stamp
  • The problem is that I am not using sql timedate stamp