Can't change icon for my android app

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Firstly, I copied some icon to mipmap(named ic_launcher.png) - Didn't work.

Second I right clicked res>new>image asset - Didn't work too.

My manifest.xml code is as.

    android:icon="@mipmap/applicationicon"  // This even shows the right icon in right corner along with the line numbers

I tried clean project and rerun, restarted my android studio(even my PC) also restarted my android device. But, none of the above worked. Before asking this question I tried other similar questions but none helped. Like this one.

If there are any alternatives them please do suggest ! Thanks!

First paste your image in drawable then add following code in manifest.xml


It worked for me.

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I finally found out the fix! It was my 3rd party launcher (Evie Launcher) that didn't update the icons. The icons worked fine on all the devices here on including mine after I changed my launcher.

Thanks for all the suggestions and answers.

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Finally found the mistake I was doing from long time.

Just make sure that in AndroidMainfest.xml you have set both properties - android:icon and android:roundIcon appropriately


I was just setting android:icon and kept android:roundIcon unchanged.

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When you generate image asset, delete ic_launcher.xml but keep the png files. xml file has ic_launcher_foreground attribute that overrides default android launcher icon.

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  • Did you try to uninstall the app and re-run it?
  • how many mipmap folders do you have? make sure you changed for all devices if you have more than 1
  • @PrerakSola Yeap tried that. More than seven times now. Didn't work.
  • Try it on a different device/emulator.
  • @MarkoNiciforovic there are 5 mipmap folders. I changed for all. Not working.
  • Didn't work! If it was this small error I guess I would have fixed it.
  • LOL very interesting