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typeerror: null is not an object (evaluating react-native)
typeerror: null is not an object react-native
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typeerror 'null' is not an object safari
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typeerror: null is not an object angular
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I'm building an app in react native, everything was working fine, and everytinhg is still working fine on android emulator, but on ios emulator I keep getting this error.

It seems to be linked with stackNavigator but I don't understand why it would suddenly stop working and still working on android.

import {
  createStackNavigator, createAppContainer
} from 'react-navigation';

import TabNavigation from './NavigationScreens/TabNavigation';
import LoginScreen from './Screens/LoginScreen';

const RootStack = createStackNavigator(
    LoginScreen: {
      screen: LoginScreen,
      navigationOptions :{ headerLeft: null}
    TabNavigation: {
      screen: TabNavigation,
      navigationOptions :{ headerLeft: null }
    initialRouteName: 'TabNavigation'

const MyApp = createAppContainer(RootStack);

export default MyApp;

I installed and linked rn-gesture-handler-module as I saw it many times on solutions but it doesn't change anything.. any help ?

If you are using cocoapods, try to run:

cd ios
pod install
cd ..
react-native run-ios

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instead of setting navigationOptions:{headerLeft: null}, have you tried setting it up as, since it seems like you don't want the header:

const RootStack = createStackNavigator({
 LoginScreen : {screen: LoginScreen,},
 TabNavigation :{screen: TabNavigation,},
 initialRouteName: 'TabNavigation',
 headerMode: 'none'}

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Not sure if you are still experiencing the issue but often cleaning the current build and building again does the trick for me after linking a module. I had the same issue on Android just now and that fixed it (again). iOS or Android shouldn't matter in this case.

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I had the same issue on ios, I tried to init a new react-native project, installed react-navigation and react-native-gesture-handler, linked them, then the error was fixed!

I think init a new project is the fastest way to fix the issue.

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  • Have you tried running the project from Xcode? That usually shows different errors and can identify a problem
  • Have you linked it manually? It seems a linking problem
  • Thanks this answer helped me. I was using the react-native version 0.60.