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What is the best way to create a SHA-1 for a very large file in pure Java6? How to implement this method:

public abstract String createSha1( file);

Use the MessageDigest class and supply data piece by piece. The example below ignores details like turning byte[] into string and closing the file, but should give you the general idea.

public byte[] createSha1(File file) throws Exception  {
    MessageDigest digest = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA-1");
    InputStream fis = new FileInputStream(file);
    int n = 0;
    byte[] buffer = new byte[8192];
    while (n != -1) {
        n =;
        if (n > 0) {
            digest.update(buffer, 0, n);
    return digest.digest();

Generate SHA or MD5 file checksum hash in java, 1. Why we may want to generate checksum hash for a file? Any serious file providers provide a mechanism to have a checksum on their� You can cross verify the checksum of file to verify that license file has not been modified after creation. Read More : MD5, SHA, PBKDF2, BCrypt examples. 2. How to generate checksum hash for a file. To create checksum for a file, you will need to read the content of file byte by byte in chunks; and then generate hash for it using below manner.

Op requested the function to return a String of the SHA1, so I took @jeffs answer and added the missing conversion to String:

 * Read the file and calculate the SHA-1 checksum
 * @param file
 *            the file to read
 * @return the hex representation of the SHA-1 using uppercase chars
 * @throws FileNotFoundException
 *             if the file does not exist, is a directory rather than a
 *             regular file, or for some other reason cannot be opened for
 *             reading
 * @throws IOException
 *             if an I/O error occurs
 * @throws NoSuchAlgorithmException
 *             should never happen
private static String calcSHA1(File file) throws FileNotFoundException,
        IOException, NoSuchAlgorithmException {

    MessageDigest sha1 = MessageDigest.getInstance("SHA-1");
    try (InputStream input = new FileInputStream(file)) {

        byte[] buffer = new byte[8192];
        int len =;

        while (len != -1) {
            sha1.update(buffer, 0, len);
            len =;

        return new HexBinaryAdapter().marshal(sha1.digest());

Java - Create file checksum with SHA and MD5, 1. MessageDigest. d:\server.log. hello world. Copy. 1.1 Generate a file checksum with a SHA256 algorithm. package� Calculate File Checksum. Here is a class that will generate a checksum hash in one of the registered hash algorithms like MD5 or SHA. This class allows you to simply create a checksum of a file using one of the popular hashing algorithms.

public static String computeFileSHA1( File file ) throws IOException
    String sha1 = null;
    MessageDigest digest;
        digest = MessageDigest.getInstance( "SHA-1" );
    catch ( NoSuchAlgorithmException e1 )
        throw new IOException( "Impossible to get SHA-1 digester", e1 );
    try (InputStream input = new FileInputStream( file );
         DigestInputStream digestStream = new DigestInputStream( input, digest ) )
        while( != -1){
            // read file stream without buffer
        MessageDigest msgDigest = digestStream.getMessageDigest();
        sha1 = new HexBinaryAdapter().marshal( msgDigest.digest() );
    return sha1;

Generate the sha1 hash code of a file � GitHub, Generate the sha1 hash code of a file. package com. zeroleaf.util;. import;. import;. How to generate a SHA1 hash from a String in Java. 05/09/2017 The SHA1 hash can be generated using DigestUtils from Apache commons.. Syntax: sha1 = org.apache.commons.codec.digest.DigestUtils.sha1Hex( value );

How to generate a SHA1 hash from a String in Java, Then it uses the DigestUtils class from Apache commons. The generated sha1 are written in the console. 1- Create the following java file: import� The Java platform provides two implementation of hashing functions: MD5 (produces 128-bit hash value), SHA-1 (160-bit) and SHA-2 (256-bit). This tutorial demonstrates how to generate MD5 and SHA hash values from String or file using Java.

SHA1 in Java, SHA1 usage implementation in JAVA: sha1 of a text string and file's sha1 control sum verification. Generate and verify MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 and SHA-512 hashes of a file. Free Editors' rating. User rating. Publisher: Java Runtime Environment (JRE) Free

How to Calculate File Checksum MD5, SHA-x in Java, checksum in standard Java. Here is an example how you can calculate the checksum of a file using hashing algorithms like MD5 or SHA-1. i have been asked to produce a software which demands a person to enter either a text,file etc and produces in return hex from a sha 224 and 512 hash.i would love to do it in java but not only don’t i know how to call a file in a java program and i don’t how to go about writing the sha 224 and 512 programs.please help me

  • The DigestInputStream class is even easier to use. Actually maybe not, but it is good to try it as an alternative and compare to this.
  • Use BufferedInputStream instead of creating your own buffer: InputStream fis = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream(file));
  • @Jeff Foster how you determined that the size of byte[] buffer is 8192?
  • @ThunderWiring Take a look at…
  • The FIleInputStream should be closed, as in the other response
  • Although your answer may be correct, it would be helpful to the OP if you could add some commentary explaining why it is. This way it will be useful to others.