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So i like to figure out how to make Card widget become full width in flutter, basically it only expand its width based on its child, i want it to fit the screen, the task fairly simple but im having a really hard time achieving that, in my scaffold basically it contain two card, and have some text in it, the card only expand to the size of the end of the text, i want the card to be full width, how do i achieve this?

I expect it the card to be full width of the screen, but the card only wrap the children text widget

Try this.

          mainAxisSize: MainAxisSize.min,
          children: <Widget>[
              width: double.infinity,
              child: new Card(child: Text("This Card is Expanded to full width"),),

Expand column to fit screen width, You can adjust column widths in Excel so that every cell is wide enough to display its information, and so that you don't see the ##### sheet error. auto-fit does, too, fill the row with more columns are the viewport width increases, but the only difference is that the newly added columns (and any column gaps associated with them) are collapsed. The Grid inspector is a fantastic way to visualize this.

You can get the screen width with MediaQuery

final screenWidth = MediaQuery.of(context).size.width;

Adjust the column size to see everything, The columns will not wrap into new rows if the viewport width is too auto-fit FITS the CURRENTLY AVAILABLE columns into the space by expanding them auto-fill and auto-fit , take a look at the following screen recording. When working with the full-width column layout, however, things become a bit more complicated as that layout expands to the full width of the page. When displayed on an ultra-wide monitor, the full-width column can even become a few thousand pixels wide. This introduces additional testing requirements that you should take into account when

Wrap the Column in a Container widget and set it's width to double.infinity

This way you'll save some lines of code.

Example Code:

  width : double.infinity,
  child: Column([...])

Auto-Sizing Columns in CSS Grid: `auto-fill` vs `auto-fit`, AutoFit Row Height - adjusts the column width to match the largest The easiest way to auto fit in Excel is by double-clicking the column or Moreover, the text may look correctly on the screen, but gets cut off when printed. If the width of the other column is fixed, how about using the calc CSS function working for all common browsers: width: calc(100% - 20px) /* 20px being the first column's width */ This way the width of the second row will be calculated (i.e. remaining width) and applied responsively.

How to AutoFit in Excel: adjust columns and rows to match data size, Learn a few efficient ways to change Excel column width manually and have it adjusted automatically to fit the contents (AutoFit columns). If your data is so long for the cell, you need to resize the column width of the cell. Select the cell and click Home > Format > AutoFit Column Width. See screenshot: Now you can see the cell is resized to fit the text.

How to change and AutoFit column width in Excel, sizeColumnsToFit() to make the currently visible columns fit the screen. The columns will scale (growing or shrinking) to fit the available width. If you don't want a particular column to be included in the auto resize, then set the column definition suppressSizeToFit=true . This is helpful if,� Changes the width of the columns in the range or the height of the rows in the range to achieve the best fit. Syntax. expression.AutoFit. expression A variable that represents a Range object. Return value. Variant. Remarks. The Range object must be a row or a range of rows, or a column or a range of columns; otherwise, this method generates an

Column Resizing: Core Feature of our Datagrid, @media screen and (max-width: 992px) { .column { On screens that are 992px wide or less, the columns will resize from four columns to two columns. Bump up the spacing, and the width goes down. You only have so much page width to work with, after all. Here, we set the width down to 1″ and the spacing went up to 1.75″ to compensate. If you want to control the width of each column individually (making some wider and some narrower), disable the “Equal Column Width” check box.

  • in your -Column - add - crossAxisAlignment: CrossAxisAlignment.stretch,
  • just what i was looking for, thank you very much!!
  • I see we can expand container too with double.infinity...thanks for your help
  • I can see i might these for future more complex apps...thank you for your help